CrabDiving 012 – Japanese Girls Viewing Clubs and More




It’s a dozen! CrabDiving Podcast number 12 seeps out onto the internet.  Ryan and Pat make fun of:

Public Nudity Forbidden In San Fran Except During Parades

This Is the Lawmaker Ryan Chatted With At the Gay Pride Parade

WKRP Turkey Drop Remembered

Tokyo Authorities Crack Down On High School Girls Viewing Clubs

Brit Accidentally Doles Out Primo Treats To Trick Or Treaters

Cow Pie Wacker Busted in U.K.

Fire Department Called In Belly Button Ring Emergency

Japanese Girls Viewing Clubs

Japanese Girls Viewing Clubs


Theme music by Ted Adams.

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2 comments for “CrabDiving 012 – Japanese Girls Viewing Clubs and More

  1. Ak rockstar
    November 30, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    Once again the cock ring guys ruin it for everyone. Those rascals!

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