CrabDiving – Fri 052016 – Pat Robertson Says Starve Drug Addicts & Twunt Tehran Tom

Pat Robertson it's ok if husband was accidentally gay once

Pat Robertson says starve drug addicts cuz Jeebus! Faithless Friday features shenanigans from Senator Tom Cotton, AKA “Tehran Tom.” Racist Trump delegates want to make America white again. Rednecks in Florida are bringing crocodiles to Murica out of pure ignorance and a…


The Cannalinguists – E059 – Banker Manager Busted Dealin Dank & Colorado Cashes In

weed sales

On this episode of The Cannalinguists on the CrabDiving Network, weed-o-logists and Los Angeles comedians April O’Connor and Alex Mandelberg cover the latest in marijuana headlines and news. This week the dank duo dissects:  Mary Jane in the great, remote state…