CrabDiving – Mon 120516 – Pizzagate Fake Scandal & Black Santa Is Perfectly Fine

The ridiculous pizzagate fake scandal was covered on the CrabDiving political podcast on Monday’s episode. GOP lawmaker Kevin McCarthy said he was not down with Trump’s proposed tariffs. Serial rapist Bill Cosby got dealt a blow to his flimsy defense of…


CrabDiving – Tue 112916 – Trump Flag Burning Tweet & Sheriff Clarke To Fill Guantanamo

trump tweet flag burning

The Trump flag burning tweet totally inflamed the ire of the Crabs on this Trump protest episode of the much ballyhooed political podcast. GOP cumbubble from Cali Kevin McCarthy suggested libs chill regarding the conflicts of interest surrounding the orange…


CrabDiving – Mon 112816 – Kellyanne Conway Threatens Clinton & Trumpalo Racist Rant

Kellyanne Conway Threatens Clinton

Kellyanne Conway threatens Clinton, plus even more Trump shenanigans are covered on this episode of CrabDiving. The Donald cried wolf about massive ass voter fraud over the weekend. A Trumpalo invoked the President-Elect and launched into a racist rant at…