The Hollywood Hick – Fri 072415 – Hulk Hogan Racist Comments & More Cosby Woes

Somebody else done went and gone into a movie theater shooting people up.  Any a y’all think this is gonna change any of those gun lovers’ minds?  Hulk Hogan done went did did it this time.  Gross ass liar Bill Cosby’s woes keep getting a little outta control.  And a lovely lady from Maine done went and did what a lot of other people should be doing cause those who should AIN’T.

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hulk hogan racist comments

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Hulk Hogan Racist Comments & More Cosby Woes


The CannaLinguists – E031 – Smell Ain’t Enough In AZ & Vail Ban On Marijuana Dispensaries

On this totally green edition of The CannaLinguists, Alex Mandelberg and April O’Connor talk about Vail, Colorado extending a ban on pot dispensaries.  They also welcome regular-guest and contributor Teddy Tutson to the studio, as well as singer-songwriter David D. O’Grady to the dank dungeon.  The kush-crew discusses the following marijuana news:  Cops in the county of Durham in jolly old England are employing a “soft-approach” to pot growers. A senate sub-committee votes on weed laws for the nation’s capital. Arizona is saying that smell ain’t enough to search your vehicle.

marijuana news

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Smell Ain’t Enough In AZ & Vail Ban On Marijuana Dispensaries

CrabDiving – Wed 072915 – Florida Road Rage Shooting & Sam DuBose Murdered By Campus Cop

Pat and Ryan cover a Florida road rage shooting story, as well as a bevy of tales of gross, human moron-i-tude.  Sam DuBose is murdered by a campus cop in Ohio.  The a-hole, killer of Cecil the lion has gone into hiding and is wanted by the Zimbabwe government.  Louie Gohmert returns to CrabDiving with raspy caterwauling about marriage equality.  Franklin Graham reminds all the Ashley Madison users threatened with exploitation that God already knows about their sad dick pics.  Donald Trump is beating Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio in Florida.  A snake-waver succumbs to a bite from a poisonous serpent despite that obscure passage in the Bible.  In today’s Fun-With-Guns segment, a young girl gets shot in the neck by a dimwit with a pistol.  A dude in Florida stands-his-grounds a man to death and then holds the family at gunpoint.  Finally, the Crabs discuss LeVar Burton’s motives for bringing back “Reading Rainbow.”

Florida road rage shooting - Robert DoyleMore of our liberal comedy podcast in the “CrabDiving Radio Podcasts” category.

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Florida Road Rage Shooting & Sam DuBose Murdered By Campus Cop

CrabDiving – Tue 072815 – Dentist Kills Lion & Ivana Trump Endorses Her RWNJ Ex-Husband

On today’s show,  dentist kills lion and receives a big, gross load of shame from the Crabs.  Pat and Ryan also cover these stories: African American students are getting the shaft in our schools, per a study.  Ivana Trump endorses her lunatic, xenophobic, RWNJ ex-husband for higher office.  Fox “News” host is tired of protecting minorities, cuz she’s white, dammit!  A racist fireman in Dallas says help for non-white folks in need could be delayed.  An a-hole, homophobic former clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples sues.  The Crabs also take a call from Kelly, the Voice Of CrabDiving and Bill Cosby, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson and snakes are discussed.  Finally, the guys issue a hearty F-U to presidential candidate and consummate ninny, Mick Huckabee.

dentist kills lion

Walter Palmer, Dentist of Death

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Dentist Kills Lion & Ivana Trump Endorses Her RWNJ Ex-Husband