The CannaLinguists – E017 – Canada & Marijuana, Washington State Is Dealing Now, California Legalization

On this episode, April and Alex puff-puff-pass to comedian Cruz Kim and discuss the following topics: Canada’s relationship with the good herb; Washington State opens its first state weed¬†shop; California is looking forward to total ganja #legalization, and much more!

Space need weed


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CrabDiving – Mon 032315 – Ted Cruz Hops In The Clown Car, Huckabee Will Call Fire, Confederate Cooter

The Crabs pinch off the following headlines: Senator Ted Cruz announces he will vie for the presidency of a nation he once attempted to shut down; Mike Huckabee reckons he could wield a column of god-fire; Jerry Brown, leader of the Californians, thinks Cruz is “absolutely unfit” #agreed; Cooter from the television series “Dukes Of Hazzard” is using his star power to further the causes of the “Sons of the Confederacy”; Costa Rica don’t need no stinking non-renewable energies; Pat Robertson gets sad angry white man boner for Reagan; Lindsay Graham declares climate change to be real and caused by the toils of big, strong men. Finally, Pat and Ryan discover who turned Jesus white and how many girl on girl relationships “The Voice” of CrabDiving had in rehab.

Ted Cruz hunting democracy - CrabDiving

Pieces of Silver – E005 – Yoga Shenanigans, Darkside of The O.C., Little Saigon Topless Coffee Bars

On this episode of the Pieces of Silver podcast, Silver talks shitting in yoga class, the darkside of the OC, and asks innocent questions about race relations. Finally, he discusses topless coffee bars of Little Saigon.

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