CrabDiving – Wed 022515 – Pat Robertson Ain’t A Mars Fan, Texas Secessionists Busted By Fuzz

This Wednesday, the Crabs cover the following stories: Pat Robertson isn’t much for Mars cuz it ain’t in the Bible; RWNJs want Christianity dubbed our “national religion”; Texas secessionists are pissed cuz the po-po raided their revolution party; the socialist candidate for Mayor in Chicago might win; Minnesotans blessed with “none of the above” as a voting option; Pryor’s wife calls monster-rapist Cosby “dirty.” Finally, a big Crabby “eat me” to the Republicans that wanna hold homeland security funding hostage.

Republic of Texas secessionists

The CannaLinguists – E014 – Teddy Tutson, Cannabis Cup, Marijuana In Politics

The very funny Teddy Tutson sits in again this week with the Cannalinguists as they discuss April’s trip to the Cannabis Cup, marijuana in politics, and – as always – cover the latest in weed news and legalization.

Cannabis Cup - CannaLinguists Marijuana Podcast

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CrabDiving – Tue 022415 – O’Reilly Not So Truthy, Chicago PD Gulag, Faith Healing

The Crabs fondly recall the time Al Franken handed Bill O’Reilly his big fat lying RWNJ ass, and talk about O’Reilly’s current threat to a reporter that is reporting on him. They also covered the following: the Chicago Police Department has a super secret scary gulag that they “disappear” folks in from time to time;  Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are not divorced; Nevada numbskull lawmaker believes cancer is a fungus among-us; Beelzebub battles bigotry, according to Glenn Beck; Pat Robertson is worried Murica might turn into Mexico; George Zimmerman will see 0.0 consequences for murdering a child. Finally, Pat and Ryan offer up an “eff-u” to faith healers that pray sick children to death.

Bill O'Reilly liar