CrabDiving Wed – 111914 – Lemon Is A Load, Supermodel Accuses Cosby of Rape, Glenn Beck’s Race-War

On Wednesday, the Crabs dissect these news items: Glenn Beck in his usual mellifluous and melodramatic fashion frets over what he thinks will be an imminent race-war; Bryan Fischer wants to hold a Pope-style enclave with all this “family values” jerk-off buddies to decide on the Presidential GOP nominee; fired Navy Chaplain, homophobe,and RWNJ Gordon Klingenschmitt wants everyone to know he’s way inclusive; the dude that owns Dominos creates a creepy uber-Christian-Sharia-like community where no condoms will be peddled: CNN’s resident dullard, Don Lemon is a poor and horribly insensitive journalist. Finally, we learn about supermodel Janice Dickinson’s account of getting drugged by Bill Cosby and how the Huxta-bully answers his door in a towel. 

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CrabDiving Tue – 111814 – Canseco Sells Finger, Payphones Go Wifi, RWNJ Odyssey

Today’s show brings you the following headlines: a student is counseled after filming a porn in the library of his high school; ex-baller Jose Canseco attempts to sell the gun and the appendage related to his recent firearm mishap; New York is turning antique payphones into wifi hot-spots; a lunatic Christo-fascist goes on an Odyssey to disrupt a Muslim prayer service at the National Cathedral #simpleton.

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