CrabDiving – Fri 101416 – More Trump Accusers & Bisexual White House Demons

More Trump Accusers

Today’s Crabs feature more and more Trump accusers with sexual harassment/assault claims. The orange a-hole face refuted every one of the claims with disparaging remarks against the accusers’ looks. Trump suggested to Howard Stern back in the day that actress Lindsay Lohan would…


CrabDiving – Thu 101316 – Trump Assaults Women Stories & Curt Schilling Pedophilia Apologist

trump assaults women

The orange a-hole face was accused of another creepy, heinous act that involved an underwear inspection. Outrage ensued from conservaloons because some Missourians beat upon a Trump piñata. The Donald gave a gross speech where he listed and then denied…


CrabDiving – Wed 101216 – Trump Unshackled & Miss Teen USA Girls Creeped On

Trump Unshackled

Trump unshackled gobsmacked The Crabs on Wednesday. Donald Trump ain’t winning bigly in Utah. Bill Clinton’s supposed love child told Hillary to drop out of the race. Due to the creepy clown crisis, McDonald’s ordered their clown mascot Ronald McDonald…


CrabDiving – Tue 101116 – Paul LePage Authoritarian Dreams & Melania Trump Shows Pussy Bow

paul lepage authoritarian dream

The Paul LePage authoritarian dreams are discussed on this episode of the Crabs. Donald Trump showed no love for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Ben Carson shared his bizarre explanation regarding the outrage over Pussygate. Melania Trump showed her pussy bow…