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CrabDiving – Tue 021715 – Gettin’ Nuc-Yuh-Lar With ISIS, Okla-Coma Bible Bangers, Scott Walker Can’t Prove He Talks To Jebus

On Tuesday, the Crabs sink their pincers into sky-gods of many different varieties. Plus, the following is covered: a-hole Arkansas senator wants to nuke ISIS cuz he’s a simpleton; ISIS to storm the boot; Okla-coma educators are passing out Bibles…


CrabDiving – Mon 021615 – Victoria Jackson Cray Cray, Bryan Fischer Fears Gay Gestapo, Brownback Sucks

religions of US presidents

On Presidents’ Day, the Crabs review the most attractive and unattractive commanders-in-chief. Pat and Ryan also cover the following: RWNJ and xenophobe Victoria Jackson is not invited to Saturday Night Live’s anniversary show; Bryan Fischer bemoans the power of the…


The Daily Upper Decker – E014 Wed 021115 – Tiger Woods Fail, Syracuse Convenient Sanctions, Chipper Jones Sandy Hook Truther

The Daily Upper Decker guys chat it up about the following: Syracuse’s convenient self-imposed sanctions;¬†Chipper Jones is a Sandy Hook truth-er; if Tiger Woods will ever win another major; the rules for a grown man wearing another grown man’s jersey.…


CrabDiving – Fri 021315 – RWNJ Man-Crushes On Chuck Norris, Obama Pulls A Bush, Faithless Friday

send Chuck Norris after ISIS

#Faithless Friday on CrabDiving delivers the following tales of right wing ninn-i-tude: Texas Republican really wants to put Chuck Norris in his mouth; speaking of mouths, a simpleton street preacher in the newly gay-marrying state of Alabama can’t get over…


The Hollywood Hick – Tue 021015 – Kanye West Is A Twit, Bobbi Kristina Soap Opera, Leave Bruce Jenner ALONE!

The Hick covers these stories:¬†Kanye West is a complete twat; Bobbi Kristina update… this shit is beginnin’ to be a straight up soap opera; leave Bruce Jenner ALONE; the Grammys… Meh! Podcast (hollywood-hick): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple…