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CrabDiving – Thu 110614 – Rednecks Say No To Sharia, Senate Simpleton To Steer Science, Mississippi Throws White Party

Thursday’s CrabDiving deposits the the following info-loads into the ether; Dead guy beats a live guy in Washington state; the 6th Circuit Court could care less about gay people; a big scary Russian virus is coming to a theater near…


CrabDiving – Wed 110514 – Tim Scott Anti-Choice Anti-Gay, Spark Up Alaska, Gun Control In Washington State

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On Wednesday, the Crabs are joined by comic Brent Parris and cover the following headlines: Tim Scott, anti-choice, anti-gay RWNJ, becomes the first black senator from the south #yipee; Alaska is now free to spark up; same-sex marriage ban is…


CrabDiving TUE -110414 – Santorum Goes Full-Hitler, Glenn Beck Dramatics, Pat Robertson Explains Mongoloids

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On today’s episode of CrabDiving, the following stories are covered: Rick Santorum satisfies Godwin’s Law and goes “full-Hitler”; RWNJ type fears Obama will cancel the 2016 election; Glenn Beck, with much melodrama, explains why George Soros is up to no…