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CrabNation Fri – 072514 – Black Jesus, Glenn Beck Cries For A Plane, Kentucky Town Gets Their Socialism On

Crab Nation liberal radio

On Friday, the Crabs bring you the following tales from #Murica which, like Iran still has the death penalty. We also cover these stories: Kentucky town bankrolls a gas station with tax dollars and the oil lobby loses their tar-balls;…

CrabNation Thu – 072414 – Mayor Bans Atheist Logic Station In City Hall, Obama Traffic, Sex Change For Bathroom Privileges

Crab Nation liberal radio

On CrabNation, we learn Glenn Beck could be convinced that Jesus was married #colormeinterested. Plus we cover the following stories: moronic Michigan Mayor won’t let the atheists set up a booth next to the “prayer station” in city hall #ETPhoneHome;…