Author: Ryan Pfeiffer

The Daily Upper Decker – Wed 011117 – Best College Football Off All Time & Grayson Allen Dicked In The Head?

Comedian Tommy Gimler, along with the rest of the dudes at The Daily Upper Decker, kick off the new year with some questions. Was the College Football Playoff National Championship the greatest college football game of all time? Should Texans…


The Daily Upper Decker – Wed 120716 – The Very Best Of Fact Or Fudge 2016

One of The Daily Upper Decker’s listeners’ favorite segments is “Fact or Fudge,” where host Tommy Gimler asks his guests provocative questions like “Is this the name of a minor league baseball team or an Urban Dictionary sex move?” or…


The Daily Upper Decker – Wed 092116 – Giants Racist Tweets & Brangelina Divorce

On this episode of the Daily Upper Decker sports podcast, comedians Adam Feuerberg and Brady Matthews are back in the studio with host Tommy Gimler, and the three gentlemen discuss:  More shitdickery from Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.  The quickly-growing legend…