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The CannaLinguists spark one up as comedian/marijuana expert April O’Connor and comedian Alex Mandelberg share marijuana news, drug policy politics, cannabis herb strain/ product recommendations and more.

The Cannalinguists – E054 – Vegas Opens Pot Store & NFL Players Weed Dreams

On this informative and hilarious episode of The Cannalinguists, our weed experts and comics, April O’Connor and Alex Mandelberg welcome comic Justin Rupple in-studio for a chat-and-toke. Together the group explores the latest headlines in marijuana:  Nestled among the casinos…


The CannaLinguists – E053 – Grenade Grinder & Marijuana Cures Alcoholism?

grenade shaped grinder

Blaze away and enjoy this episode of The Cannalinguists as hosts April O’Connor and Alex Mandelberg welcome comedian Frank Castillo (@frankccomedy on Twitter) into the studio for the latest headlines and stories relating to the good herb. The group discusses a TSA-confiscated…