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CrabDiving – Fri 011918 – GOP Government Shutdown Looms & Nunes Sucks

mcconnell disses trump

As the GOP government shutdown looms, The Crabs cover Schumer’s fruitless last-minute meeting with Trump. Lindsey Graham has the vapors over the extremist turdslinging of Stephen Miller and Tom Cotton. Cotton fired back with snarky some Twitter shade.  Despite triggering…


CrabDiving – Wed 011718 – GOP Worried About Mid-Terms & Zinke Destroying The Interior

As the evil GOP worried over another state legislature loss, GOP dick-bot Paul Ryan warned fellow Republican loons to start listening to the voters, whatever. Conserv-a-jerks said they were nervous they’d take blame for government shutdown. National Parks advisers left…


The Daily Upper Decker – Tue 011618 – NFL Playoffs & Gronk Says Don’t Eat Laundry Detergent

Adam Feuerberg and Tommy Gimler survived their new year festivities and are sitting in a booth at the Speakeasy in Santa Monica talking NFL playoffs, Saints safety Marcus Williams throwing the game, Nick Foles’ massive dong, Rob Gronkowski having to…