CrabDiving – Mon 071717 – Trump Cult Supports Treason & R. Kelly Sex Dungeon Compounds

trump supporters

The Trump cult supports treason due to the fact they’re all knuckledragging, brainless mouthbreathers, no offense. Dippin’ Dots-hating White House mouthpiece Sean Spicer puked forth some garbage regarding Trump Jr. and Russia. The Politico reporter that wrote the thing about…


CrabDiving – Fri 071417 – Another Russian Drip & When Burmese Pythons Get Pissed

another russian drip

Yet another Russian drip was the epicenter of rage on today’s episode of CrabDiving. Pat and Ryan learned a Russian-American who was accused of orchestrating a cyberattack against a Russian mining company was in on the infamous meeting with Donald…


CrabDiving – Thu 071317 – Trump In France & Don The Con’s Lawyer Is Gangster AF

trump in france

Trump in France whilst the Crabs are in studio reporting upon the latest racist, classless shenanigans of Shitler. Our creepy Pres busted out choice sexist remarks regarding Macron’s wife. Douche bro Tucker Carlson sparred with fellow GOP guy Max Boot…