CrabDiving – Thu 113017 – Trump Mental State Decline & Alt-Right Smears Liberal Podcaster

Trump Mental State Decline

The Trump mental state decline continued in remarkable fashion on Thursday and the Crabs covered every facet of Shitler’s racist lunacy. Manbaby’s latest Twitter tirade posed a threat to American embassies across the globe. The UK reeled as Cheeto Teats…


CrabDiving – Wed 112917 – Trump Anti-Muslim Tweets & Et Tu, Garrison Keillor?

trump voter fraud tantrum

The Trump anti-Muslim tweets were off the chain today, even for Shitler. Evil, racist dick-bag, white supremacist David Duke praised PEEOTUS for insanely retweeting a British far-right hate group. Recently fired Today Show host Matt Lauer was exposed for exposing…


CrabDiving – Tue 112817 – Chuck and Nancy Ditch Trump & Creepy Government Bible Study

chuck and nancy

Chuck and Nancy ditch Trump, declining a presidential invite to lunch due to a Shitler Twitter attack. Cheeto Teats ominously assured Murica he would handle the latest North Korean missile launch. With the help of PEEOTUS, Libyan media discredited a…