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The best political podcasts out there! Commie pinko atheist liberals, Ryan Pfeiffer and Patrick Viall present their hilarious daily, internet talk radio show, laughing and raging about politics, news, pop culture, religion and more.

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CrabDiving – Mon 111714 – Female Condoms 101, KKK Short-Sheet-ed, Manson Marries Near Millennial

Monday’s CrabDiving comes to you with these stories: Bristol Palin’s blog should tagged “fiction”; an evil oil tycoon is accused of being stingy in a divorce settlement; Chicago parents lose their marbles because their kids are being schooled on the…


CrabDiving – Fri 111414 – KKK Stands With The Popo of Ferguson, Sweater Puppet Sabbatical, Glenn Beck Is Minaj-Ah-Nazi

CrabDiving welcomes the weekend with a bevy of lunatics that include Coach Dave, Pat Robertson and the ham-face-wonder, Glenn Beck, plus these stories: the KKK vows to protect Ferguson’s way-armed, way-white, militia-style police force; it’s all frowny faces down at…


CrabDiving – Thu 111314 – Glenn Beck Death Scene, Kirk Cameron Poo Poos Sparkle Season, Ark of Urine

kirk cameron saving christmas

The Crabs spread the following headlines on Thursday: Bill O’Reilly girds his loins in preparation for the oncoming onslaught upon Christmas; Alex Jones and Skeksis Phyllis Schlafly sound barely human demonstrating total apathy towards the people suffering from Ebola in…


CrabDiving – Wed 111214 – Sperm-Gate, Quakes Are The New Twisters, Ficher’s Net Best Not Be Neutral

On today’s show, Pat and Ryan revisit #spermgate at Starbucks, accept the fact there are now regular earthquakes in Kansas and Oklahoma #frackme, learn that Glenn Back has a case of the vapors, AKA “adrenal fatigue.” Finally, Bryan Fischer is…


CrabDiving – Tue 111114 – The Red Crotch Of Courage, GOP Wants Your Healthcare, Grande Zygote Latte

On Tuesday, the Crabs are joined by Brent Parris and they deliver the following headlines: the Republicans are looking forward to taking away your healthcare; Jehovah’s Witness wacko thinks gay people are scheming to get us all into tight pants;…