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The best political podcasts out there! Commie pinko atheist liberals, Ryan Pfeiffer and Patrick Viall present their hilarious daily, internet talk radio show, laughing and raging about politics, news, pop culture, religion and more.

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CrabDiving – Tue 111114 – The Red Crotch Of Courage, GOP Wants Your Healthcare, Grande Zygote Latte

On Tuesday, the Crabs are joined by Brent Parris and they deliver the following headlines: the Republicans are looking forward to taking away your healthcare; Jehovah’s Witness wacko thinks gay people are scheming to get us all into tight pants;…


CrabDiving – Thu 110614 – Rednecks Say No To Sharia, Senate Simpleton To Steer Science, Mississippi Throws White Party

Thursday’s CrabDiving deposits the the following info-loads into the ether; Dead guy beats a live guy in Washington state; the 6th Circuit Court could care less about gay people; a big scary Russian virus is coming to a theater near…


CrabDiving – Wed 110514 – Tim Scott Anti-Choice Anti-Gay, Spark Up Alaska, Gun Control In Washington State

crabdiving liberal radio

On Wednesday, the Crabs are joined by comic Brent Parris and cover the following headlines: Tim Scott, anti-choice, anti-gay RWNJ, becomes the first black senator from the south #yipee; Alaska is now free to spark up; same-sex marriage ban is…


CrabDiving TUE -110414 – Santorum Goes Full-Hitler, Glenn Beck Dramatics, Pat Robertson Explains Mongoloids

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On today’s episode of CrabDiving, the following stories are covered: Rick Santorum satisfies Godwin’s Law and goes “full-Hitler”; RWNJ type fears Obama will cancel the 2016 election; Glenn Beck, with much melodrama, explains why George Soros is up to no…