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CrabDiving – Fri 112417 – Flynn Possibly Turned & Christians Bully Sunday Businesses

flynn russia scandal

Flynn possibly turned on Cheeto Teats and the CrabDiving podcast covered every single treasonous angle on this Faithless Friday episode. A shooting was reported at a mall on Black Friday. In unbelievably crazy news, Black Friday profiteers are selling Walmart…


CrabDiving – Wed 112217 – U.S. Grope Culture & Alex Jones Says Liberals Drink Pepsi

U.S. Grope Culture

U.S. grope culture was dissected on today’s episode of CrabDiving. Back in the day, cops were assigned to keep molester Roy Moore away from cheerleaders. GOP legislator Joe Barton apologized for dick pics that recently surfaced. Evil abuser Harvey Weinstein…


CrabDiving – Tue 112117 – Trump Supports Moore the Molester & FCC To Kill Net Neutrality

Trump Supports Moore the Molester

Trump supports Moore the Molester, and lent his tacit support to the Republican Senate. Moore’s Democratic opponent Doug Jones launched attack ads against diddler Roy utilizing the words of the First Daughter. A former Alabama peace officer admitted she was…