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CrabDiving – Tue 032415 – Ted Cruz Bu-Bye To Rock After 9-11, Phil Robertson Torture Porn, Satan Got Megyn Kelly

Bryan Fischer thinks Satan Got Megyn Kelly

Pat and Ryan rage over these tales of RWNJ lunacy; Ted Cruz stopped liking classic rock after 911; Rick Scott’s Disaster Chief minion will not let the words “climate change” spill from his stupid moron lips; Kirk Cameron’s movie is…


CrabDiving – Fri 032015 – Mega-Dump On Mega-Church, Fukushima Fuked, Abortion Is Causing Drought?

California drought map Jan 2015

This #FaithlessFriday, Pat and Ryan take a mega-dump on a mega-church pastor without the pleasantries of Saran Wrap. We also cover these stories: a Catholic church in San Francisco does the bare fucking minimum for the homeless; California wave bu-bye to H20;…


CrabDiving – Thu 031915 – Rep Reads Sexy After Sixty, Equal Rights For Satan, Frothing Santorum

Iowa State Rep Ross Paustian Reads Sex After Sixty In Session

Thursday’s CrabDiving funny news podcast includes these hot headlines: “Sexy After Sixty” is a big ole joke according a Iowa lawmaker; a sky-god obsessed dullard from Tennessee displays a sign reminding us that Satan was the first to demand human…


CrabDiving – Wed 031815 – Glenn Beck Leaves Grand Ole Party, Chronic For Cats, Koch Brothers Spend To Spoil

Glenn Beck diverse audience

The Crabs cover the following stories on Wednesday: Snake Salvation preacher is charged with some non-Jesus-like crimes; Glenn Beck bids the GOP an adios; Christian businesses should be separate and a little more than equal according to a RWNJ lawmaker;…


CrabDiving – Tue 031715 – Chuck Norris Endorses Netanyahu, Aaron Shock Exits Stage Left, Starbucks Race-Together

Aaron Schock Glacier

On St. Patrick’s Day the guys review Starbuck’s bizarre plan to wipe out bigotry. They also cover the following: a gun show vendor sells some not so progressive shooting targets; Chuck Norris lets us know that he has many Israeli friends…