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CrabDiving – Wed 121014 – Rich White Guy Arrested, Gohmert Goes Full God, More Torture Report

gary southern freedom industries

On today’s show, the Crabs are gobsmacked by the news that rich, white dude, Gary Southern of Freedom Industries, was arrested for typical rich, white dude shenanigans. Plus the following is covered: Louie Gohmert arranges for an anti-everything invocation; Fox still…


CrabDiving – Tue 120914 – Torture Report, America Is Not Awesome, Cosby Allegedly Raped Rabbits

CrabDiving gives a big Crabby “F-you” to the CIA for their practice of rectal re-hydration on supposed war criminals. Also, the following is covered: Hefner stands with Cosby, alleged raper of 12 Playboy Bunnies; terrorist from Texas busted in Israel; according…


CrabDiving – Mon 120814 – Buchanan Anti Cop Body Cams, Christian Crimes Against Humanity, Jindal Way Into God

On this episode, Pat and Ryan cover these headlines: Pat Buchanan doesn’t want anyone to slander the police that continue to murder unarmed black people; Fox loony thinks minorities need to be more sensitive to our over-militarized cops; American pastor…


CrabDiving – Fri 120514 – Cosby Rape Round-Up, Inhofe Vs. Babs, Kirk Cameron Tomatoes Be Rotten

On this TGIF episode, the Crabs pinch off the following headlines: Kirk Cameron’s tomatoes are rotten as ever; Rolling Stones retraction; Cosby rape round-up; Senator Inhofe believes Barbara Streisand and similar Hollywood types are behind the “climate change hoax”; John…