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CrabDiving – Mon 051815 – Lindsey Graham Running, Jeb Backs Bigots

Lindsey Graham running for President

On Monday, the Crabs highlight the usual RWNJ lunacy which includes these stories: Lindsey Graham, running for President, makes a slow, graceful entrance into the 2016 Republican clown-car.  Glenn Beck trolls doomsday preppers. Chuck Norris explains how O-bummer litr’ally constructed an apocalypse.  Jeb Bush thinks…


CrabDiving – Thu 051415 – Knockers No More On A Picasso, Jon Stewart & Keith Olbermann Drop Mics, Nestle CEO Sucks

FOX blurs Picasso breasts

Pat and Ryan cover the following stories on today’s show:  Nestle CEO sucks, wants to bottle more water and watch the human race slowly die of thirst.  Somebody get Catalina Island a drink #literally.  Jeb Bush tries even harder to have…


CrabDiving – Wed 051315 – Free The Nipple, Many Republicans Are Stupid, Police Pistols In Pisser

The Crabs cover the deadly Amtrak accident in Philadelphia, along with the following RWNJ train wrecks: A drowned pastor is a victim of #faithfail.  Rick Santorum believes anti-choice jerk-offs aren’t trying hard enough.  Christo-ninnies no longer allowed to teach abstinence only cuz…


CrabDiving – Tue 051215 – Racist Says Buh-Bye To Obamaville, Glenn Beck Whitesplains FLOTUS’ Racism

goodbye Obamaville

On Tuesday, the Crabs cover the following headlines: Senate Dems ain’t down with TPP.  A mayor is elected with the number “1” in front of his age.  RWNJs such as Glenn Beck consider free community college slavery.  Glenn Beck whitesplains the racism…


CrabDiving – Mon 051115 – Florence Henderson Caught Crabs, Racist Principal, Boar Busts Through Ceiling

wild boar breaks into store ceiling

The Crabs kick off the work week with many crazy stories. A Georgia school racist principal and her simpleton son mos def see color.  George Zimmerman luckier than Trayvon Martin. Black-face Brit drives blotto.  You got smegma on my smack.  Typhoid is bad.  A wild…


CrabDiving – Fri 050815 – Texans Say The Colonel’s Lying About Jade Helm 15, Beck May Take A Billy Club To His Head

Texas Jade Helm 15 meeting

The Crabs cover Jade Helm 15 and a ton of political crap on Friday.  The United Kingdom is getting their RWNJ on.  California’s water is getting fracked up.  Hawaii is like totes green.  Bat-shit cray Texans don’t believe an army colonel just…