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The Daily Upper Decker is where the worlds of stand-up comedy and sports scissor each other like two Russian immigrants looking to make a quick ten bucks. It’s supposed to be entertaining and informative. With zero “sources” in the professional sports world, The Daily Upper Decker will never create news stories. We will report on the sports and teams we are passionate about and on the teams we hate. Also, we will feature many sports betting segments and fantasy sports news for dorks.

The Daily Upper Decker – Wed 100516 – MLB Postseason Preview & Odell Beckham Sucks Balls

Check out this episode of the hilarious sports podcast, The Daily Upper Decker. Barry Murphy and Adam Pockross stop by to talk about:  The Major League Baseball postseason;  A “We Don’t Suck Anymore” song written by a Cubs season before they’ve won anything…


The Daily Upper Decker – Wed 092116 – Giants Racist Tweets & Brangelina Divorce

On this episode of the Daily Upper Decker sports podcast, comedians Adam Feuerberg and Brady Matthews are back in the studio with host Tommy Gimler, and the three gentlemen discuss:  More shitdickery from Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.  The quickly-growing legend…