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The Hollywood Hick podcast starring Brent Parris, with his take on pop culture, celebrity gossip, stupid criminals and all kinds of untoward nonsense that happens to just pop into his brain. You never know what this MotherTrucker might say all y’all!!! And TRUST… He ain’t about to hold nothing back!!!

The Hollywood Hick – Tue 123014 – New Years Eve is Horrible, The Hick Loves Sparkles

miley cyrus pasties

On this show, the Hick opines thusly:  New Years Eve is horrible; a titty tangent ’cause of Miley Cyrus and the chick from Big Bang Theory; who’s getting divorced in the Hollywoods: Cosby is still gross; 2 idiots make the Hick feel way better about…


The Hollywood Hick – Tue 122314 – Joe Cocker Ups & Dies, My Husband’s Not Gay, Mob Wives Recap

The Hick covers the following: The great Joe Cocker ups and dies; if you’re famous, don’t get busted in China; the new TLC show, “My Husband’s Not Gay” is hysterical; Mob Wives recap. Plus, some other crap the Hick can’t remember…


The Hollywood Hick – Fri 121914 – Drunker Than Cooter Brown Episode

Burt Reynolds Dom de Louise Mel Brooks shower

The Hollywood Hick gets drunker than Cooter Brown and deems Sony’s Scott Rudin a funny “bitchy queen”; a New Jersey Real Housewife needs an itsy-bitsy violin, Kim Kardashian AKA “Kar-trash-ian” loses 1.3 million Instagram followers: Madonna is the victim of…


The Hollywood Hick – Tue 121614 – Lena Dunham Lies, Cosby’s Wife Denies, Mama June Sex Tape

On this episode of the Hick, Brent breaks the news that Mama June and Sugar Bear got offered a sex tape deal. He also covers these stories: Cosby has another accuser and Camille Cosby absurdly denies it all; there’s a Marky Mothertruckin’…


The Hollywood Hick – Fri 121214 – Beverly Johnson Comes Forward, Honey Boo Boo Update, Wahlberg Stupid

The Hollywood Hick covers the following: Bill Cosby tried to rape America’s first black super model, Beverly Johnson; Mark Wahlberg suffers yet another break-up from the Hick; Honey Boo Boo update. Plus, more stupid criminal stories! Podcast (hollywood-hick): Play in…


The Hollywood Hick – Tue 120914 – Mark Wahlberg Blows, Leo’s Underbeard, Furry Genocide

furries sex

Mark Wahlberg gets Broke The F*#K Up With on this episode. Plus, and The Hollywood Hick covers these stories: Leonardo “To-catch-a-ho” and his gross under-beard shouldn’t be attracting so many chicks; Furry genocide ain’t funny; Miley Cyrus decides to venture out…