Race-Baiting Drudge Report Omits Pic of White Offender from Group of Thugs Charged in Murder

Just when you think that conservatard shit-pile “The Drudge Report” cannot sink any lower, they surprise you.

Seeking to leap upon any instance of black-on-white crime since the Trayvon Martin shooting, the loathsome editors over at Drudge were thrilled to hear about the shooting death of a white college dude out for a jog in Oklahoma. “See!?!” the racist scum aggregator site colud say, “where’s the outrage when blacks kill whites?! Where’s Al Sharpton?”

So I guess when you’re trying to pour kerosene on your more racist readers, it wouldn’t help your bigoted cause to include a pic of the third worthless thug involved in the killing… because he’s white.

This is a revolting display of the right pandering to their KKK-minded, knuckle dragging base.

Shame on you, Drudge….. as usual.

Drudge Race Baiting Omits White Thug

Drudge Race Baiting Omits White Thug fullscreen

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