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CrabDiving – Fri 011317 – John Lewis Trump Comments & Penthouse Golden Shower Proof?

The John Lewis Trump comments are discussed and reviewed on this Faithless Friday episode of CrabDiving. The Democrats got their ire on over a classified briefing on Russia’s involvement in last year’s presidential election. Toby Keith and some other no-names…


CrabDiving – Thu 011217 – Laughable Ben Carson & Trump Propaganda Minister Kellyanne Conway

laughable Ben Carson

The laughable Ben Carson and his sleepy confirmation testimony were featured on Thursday’s CrabDiving. A democratic senator from Maine found irony in the FBI director’s refusal to ‘confirm or deny’ an investigation. Obama changed our immigration policy with Cuba. Shitler’s Minister…


CrabDiving – Wed 011117 – Trump Press Conference & Jeff Sessions Craps On Secularists

Trump press conference

The insane Trump press conference was covered on this episode of CrabDiving. Our nation’s top spies decided it was in the country’s best interest to release an unsubstantiated dossier regarding Russia’s influence in the 2016 Presidential Election. The Crabs discussed…