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The Daily Upper Decker – Wed 011117 – Best College Football Off All Time & Grayson Allen Dicked In The Head?

Comedian Tommy Gimler, along with the rest of the dudes at The Daily Upper Decker, kick off the new year with some questions. Was the College Football Playoff National Championship the greatest college football game of all time? Should Texans…


The Hollywood Hick – Tue 112216 – Kanye 5150’d & Election of Fart Puss

Who the hell knew facts weren’t necessary? People already need a 2×4 to the head Marky Mark style (we are still broke the fuck up forever in case you are wondering… fuck him). It’s happening already MotherTruckers… On this side-splitting episode…


The Hollywood Hick – Fri 110416 – Beyonce Got Hate After CMA Performance & Mariah Carey Dumped

squealing fake news sites

The mother-truckin’ presidential election is almost over and the Hollywood Hick couldn’t be happier cuz he’s sick of looking at that “orange pumpkin head.” Louis C.K. Conan’s appearance, where the comedian endorsed Hillary Clinton, is reviewed. The Hick asserted that…


CrabDiving – Wed 120716 – Weather Channel Breitbart Smack & Glenn Beck Says Palin Has Brain Aneurysm

weather channel breitbart smack

The Weather Channel Breitbart smackdown is covered on this episode of this installment of CrabDiving. The orange a-hole face tapped a climate change skeptic to lead the Environment Protection Agency. Well-dressed conservative blowhard broadcaster Glenn Beck proliferated misinformation while blaming the…