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The Daily Upper Decker – Thu 101217 – NBA Season Preview & Bleached Starfish Award!

On this episode of the Daily Upper Decker on the CrabDiving Network, NBA guru Barry Murphy and numbers guy Justin Gilbert join Tommy in studio to talk basketball and dollars. Will the Minnesota Timberwolves win the “bleached asshole” award for…


CrabDiving – Thu 011217 – Laughable Ben Carson & Trump Propaganda Minister Kellyanne Conway

imperious Ben Carson

The laughable Ben Carson and his sleepy confirmation testimony were featured on Thursday’s CrabDiving. A democratic senator from Maine found irony in the FBI director’s refusal to ‘confirm or deny’ an investigation. Obama changed our immigration policy with Cuba. Shitler’s Minister…


The Daily Upper Decker – Wed 011117 – Best College Football Off All Time & Grayson Allen Dicked In The Head?

Comedian Tommy Gimler, along with the rest of the dudes at The Daily Upper Decker, kick off the new year with some questions. Was the College Football Playoff National Championship the greatest college football game of all time? Should Texans…