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CrabDiving – Tue 050515 – Ablow Wants Vagina Veto Power, Beck Yearns For Velvet Fist, America Really Bad To Moms

keith ablow outnumbered

The Crabs learn that America ranks number fucking 33 out of the world in its treatment of its mothers. Keith Ablow wants vagina veto, man-splaining how he wants a woman’s right to choose.  Mitch McConnell isn’t trying as hard to vaporize Iran.  The ridic…


CrabDiving – Thu 020515 – GOP Guts Poor Schools, Dad Shoots “Demon” Son in Gut, Glenn’s Gutwrenching

Glenn Beck diverse audience

The Crabs climb inside the bell jar and explore the following bits a lunacy: there are still knuckle-dragging a-holes that wanna repeal Obamacare; un-Robin Hoods, the GOP, want to take from poor schools and give to rich ones; bloke uploads spank-bank into…


CrabDiving – Tue 010615 – Beck Nearly Gobbles Gohmert, Bieber Presents Package, CEOs Slut-Shamed

Tuesday’s CrabDiving delivers the following hot and steaming items: Boehner bests Gohmert and stays as Speaker; Justin Bieber, even for an underwear model, is still kinda stupid; Rush roasts Christie for cuddling up with, and possibly handing a fat cash…


CrabNation Fri – 072514 – Black Jesus, Glenn Beck Cries For A Plane, Kentucky Town Gets Their Socialism On

Crab Nation liberal radio

On Friday, the Crabs bring you the following tales from #Murica which, like Iran still has the death penalty. We also cover these stories: Kentucky town bankrolls a gas station with tax dollars and the oil lobby loses their tar-balls;…