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CrabDiving – Mon 081417 – Trump Reluctantly Condemns Racism & Racist Jesse Watters Is An Idiot

Trump reluctantly condemns racism

Trump reluctantly condemns racism and the Crabs analyze his meaningless, emotionless, empty prose. Racist dog whistles were hidden in Shitler’s belated poo-pooing of the domestic terrorism perpetrated by white supremacists over the weekend. Dick David Duke said he attended the…


CrabDiving – Tue 062717 – Delayed TrumpCare Vote & Trump’s Crooked Lawyer

TrumpCare Vote Delayed

We celebrate the¬†delayed¬†TrumpCare vote and hopefully evil turtle-face Mitch McConnell is sad and quite flaccid. Ransomware hackers got their nerd on and screwed up some crap. Former Dancing With The Stars contestant and current Trump cabinet member Rick Perry further…


CrabDiving – Wed 022217 – Brownback Fail & Alex Jones Tells Globalists To Kill Themselves

Brownback threat to democracy

The Brownback fail of immense Christian butt-hurt was bandied about on this episode of the CrabDiving political podcast. According to facts, it was learned illegal border crossings were on the decline. Screaming RWNJ media loony Alex Jones apologized to Shitler…