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CrabDiving – Wed 022217 – Brownback Fail & Alex Jones Tells Globalists To Kill Themselves

Brownback threat to democracy

The Brownback fail of immense Christian butt-hurt was bandied about on this episode of the CrabDiving political podcast. According to facts, it was learned illegal border crossings were on the decline. Screaming RWNJ media loony Alex Jones apologized to Shitler…


CrabDiving – Thu 020917 – Trump Loses Again In Court & Jim Bakker’s Wife’s Loony Women’s March Musings

trump loses

Trump loses again in court and yet Shitler proclaimed his Muslim Ban would ultimately win bigly. Kellyanne Conway most likely perpetrated a yooooge ethics violation whilst using her position in the Orange regime to promote Ivanka’s products. Speaking of Princess Cheeto Fingers,…


CrabDiving – Thu 020217 – Trump Schwarzenegger Tiff & High Schoolers Bust Out Nazi Salute

Trump Schwarzenegger Tiff

The Trump Schwarzenegger tiff seemed like diplomacy as usual from the Shitler camp. Senator Pat Toomey felt much political heat from his constituents in regards to the Betsy DeVos confirmation vote. A gaggle of scientists said that global warming is progressing…