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CrabDiving – Thu 081717 – Trump Confederate Monuments Love & Bannon Methy Porn House?

Trump Confederate Monument Love - CrabDiving

The Trump Confederate monuments love got totally weird as Shitler unleashed a bizarre tweet storm regarding the “beautiful” hate statues. Most fabulous GOP loon Lindsey Graham stated he didn’t want his evil party to move back into darkness, whatever that…


CrabDiving – Mon 081417 – Trump Reluctantly Condemns Racism & Racist Jesse Watters Is An Idiot

Trump reluctantly condemns racism

Trump reluctantly condemns racism and the Crabs analyze his meaningless, emotionless, empty prose. Racist dog whistles were hidden in Shitler’s belated poo-pooing of the domestic terrorism perpetrated by white supremacists over the weekend. Dick David Duke said he attended the…