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CrabDiving – Thu 030917 – Roger Stone Banned From Twitter & The Dandy Dick Smells Like Russia

roger stone

Political schemer extraordinaire Roger Stone very well might be implicated in the Russian election scandal. Mitch McConnell and his horrendous face said tax reform is unlikely anytime soon and then the lipless load said Mexico wasn’t paying for a wall.…


CrabDiving – Tue 030717 – Ryancare Fail & Satanic Child Murdering Cabal To Overthrow Trump

paul ryan disses trump

The Ryancare fail was covered on Wednesday’s episode of the CrabDiving Political Podcast. The oh so infamous Wikileaks obtained a trove of sweet CIA hacking tools. An MSNBC reporter got Spicey’s goat by asking some simple questions about Twitler’s insane…


CrabDiving – Thu 030217 – Sessions Recused & Obama Saved Intelligence On Twitler

Sessions recused himself from investigations into possible Russian connections with the regime of Shitler. It was learned son-in-law to Twitler and White House big-wig Jared Kushner might have lied about meetings he had with Russian officials. President Obama and his staff…