CrabDiving – Tue 072815 – Dentist Kills Lion & Ivana Trump Endorses Her RWNJ Ex-Husband

On today’s show,  dentist kills lion and receives a big, gross load of shame from the Crabs.  Pat and Ryan also cover these stories: African American students are getting the shaft in our schools, per a study.  Ivana Trump endorses her lunatic, xenophobic, RWNJ ex-husband for higher office.  Fox “News” host is tired of protecting minorities, cuz she’s white, dammit!  A racist fireman in Dallas says help for non-white folks in need could be delayed.  An a-hole, homophobic former clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples sues.  The Crabs also take a call from Kelly, the Voice Of CrabDiving and Bill Cosby, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson and snakes are discussed.  Finally, the guys issue a hearty F-U to presidential candidate and consummate ninny, Mick Huckabee.

dentist kills lion

Walter Palmer, Dentist of Death

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Dentist Kills Lion & Ivana Trump Endorses Her RWNJ Ex-Husband

CrabDiving – Mon 072715 – Satanic Statue Unveiled & Pat Robertson To Punish Dead Supremes

The Crabs kick off the week with stories of a satanic statue unveiled.  All praise to Baphomet!  Pat and Ryan also cover the RWNJ headlines.  House Republicans still don’t give two craps about our roads and bridges.  The cost of admission is your soul, if you wanna attend the Devil’s opening night party.  Oklahoma Supremes don’t reconsider its ruling in regards to Biblical mumbo-jumbo spattered on heavy slabs.  Pat Robertson wants to know why God didn’t put a cap in the ass of the Supremes behind Roe.  Gordon Klingenschmitt is a tremendous smelly turd that has some insane opinions about homosexuality and The Boy Scouts Of America.  Out Numbered on Fox never disappoints with the moronic rhetoric and the Crabs pinch off a prime sound bite.
Satanic Statue Unveiled

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Satanic Statue Unveiled & Pat Robertson To Punish Dead Supremes


The Hollywood Hick – Wed 072215 – Gawker Drama & My Faye Dunaway Encounter

There’s Gawker drama.  There’s Pat Robertson assholery.  There’s lots more!  Catch up on your showbiz news and gossip with comedian Brent Parris, aka The Hollywood Hick in this side-splittin’ episode, Mothertruckers!

I love me some Gawker website, but they done went and gone too far.  A Hick might address this at length.  Pat Robertson is a mouth breathing moron… there I said it!  Oh… and I might have thrown my Faye Dunaway story in there somewhere.

gawker drama

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Gawker Drama & My Faye Dunaway Encounter

The Daily Upper Decker – Wed 072215 – Tiger Woods Trolled By AARP & Carmelo Anthony Is A Turd

Andy, T Sean and Tommy recap the 144th Open Championship, professional golfer and consummate poon-hound Tiger Woods trolled by the AARP.  NBA baller Carmelo Anthony is the biggest turd in the wide world of basketball.  The farce that is Wisconsin’s latest stadium/arena deal is a job-creator.  Athletes getting arrested for donkey punching guys who would not give up their last cigarette.  And a special Fact or Fudge is dedicated to the great Milwaukee Brewer, announcer, star of Mr. Belvedere, Bob Uecker (aka Harry Doyle).  Plus, the normal tales of moronic jock-i-tude and pro-baller shenanigans.

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carmelo pandaTiger Woods trolled

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Tiger Woods Trolled By AARP & Carmelo Anthony Is A Turd