CrabDiving – Fri 042415 – RWNJs Hate On Gay Marriage, First Same-Sex Adoption Goes Thru In FL, Brett Favre Not A Wussy

Friday’s Crabs includes the following headlines: evil Eric Bolling from Faux News calls Brett Favre a wussy; #Florida deputy goes for a slice and a woman dies; RWNJ lunatics Scott Lively, Ted Cruz, James Dobson and every other white, bigoted a-hole call for revolution to protect white, straight male marriage; tolerant parents in Massachusetts do the right thing.  Finally, the Crabs review the top five songs and get a call from Ian Garlic, host of the “Tao Of Inbound” and they discuss the first same sex adoption in Northern Florida.


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The Hollywood Hick – Tue 0422115 – Bobbi Kristina Saga Like Empire; Johnny Depp, You A Mess

The Hick got a update on the Bobbi Kristina Brown soap opera… this is becoming some Empire craziness.  Some NFL dude named Warren Sapp needs to learn how to handle his ho’s.  Another fool is gonna make the Hick have to sit through the Dr. “Blow Hard” Phil show a-mothertruckin-gain.  Speaking of messes… Mr. Depp… you a mess.  A little good news on the Wonder woman front.  WTF is up with this Kylie Jenner lips nonsense?  And finally, The Hollywood Hick steps in for Dear Prudence and gives his two cents.

johnny depp is a mess


Democracy How? E003 – Free From Money, Gift Economy, Man On The Street Interviews

We move from violent to peaceful revolution by building a new economy free from money. Unwelcome Guests host Robin Upton talks with Shawn about the Gift Economy. Plus people on the street tell us where the value of money comes from. With music from Gut Full of Poo.

occupy sign PA

CrabDiving – Thu 042315 – Beck Crosses Reefer Rubicon, Jesus-Themed Sexy-Time w/Priest, Murica Be Executing Like A Mofo

Pat and Ryan learn how Bryan Fischer believes the Bible will be turned in Mein Kampf, plus these hot headlines: Glenn Beck crosses the Rubicon and bestows his blessing upon the legalization of weed; family members reunited via Tinder; Students are free to receive Bibles and coloring books courtesy of Satan in Oklahoma. Finally, congrats to Murica along with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and some other horrendous countries on the being the best at executing folks; and give it up for a priest’s attention to detail in an elaborate, Jesus-themed sexual roleplay.

gay priest