CrabDiving Tue – 112514 – Ferguson Fail, Pat Robertson Role Playing, Shia LaBeouf Shout-Out

CrabDiving is joined by lawyer and stand-up comic, Becky Klueger as they cover the ridic verdict handed down from the way-white grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri. They also cover the following: Pat Robertson gets in a dither over demonic role playing games; a simpleton shields his daughter from Islam and intelligence; Bieber goes to Christian camp. We also rock-out to the Shia LaBeouf song.

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CrabDiving Mon – 112414 – Ferguson Tease, Kirk Cameron Rotten Tomatoes, Glenn Beck & Guinea Pigs

This Monday episode, Pat and Ryan are joined by comic, David Rosenberg and the following stories are discussed: the powers-that-be in Ferguson tease the grand jury announcement; Glenn Beck delivers a sexy selfie vid to all of his fans in Ferguson; guinea pigs are capable of anger; Kirk Cameron rallies his moronic minions to raise the Rotten Tomatoes rating of his crappy movie; Ben Carson feels the fingers of God probing him to be the next loony to step inside the 2016 GOP presidential clown car. Finally, the Crabs review the horrendous music to which the kids these days are listening.