CrabDiving – Thu 102716 – DAPL Protest & Trump’s Pervy Condolence Letter To Kelly Preston

dapl protest

The Crabs examine the DAPL protest and the injustices perpetrated upon the Sioux. SCOTUS guy Clarence Thomas was accussed of Trump-like groping. Speaking of sexual assault, the GOP nominee apparently grabbed Miss Finland’s rear-end back in the day. Pat and Ryan…


CrabDiving – Tue 102516 – Fearmonger Wayne LaPierre & Beyonce Obama’s Instrument Of Evil?

fearmonger wayne lapierre

Fearmonger Wayne LaPierre comes off as a total gun nut stooge on today’s episode of CrabDiving. Ridic, fraud GOP “doctors” said Madame Secretary has abnormal eye movements. A strolling woman with a human skull on a stick led police to a…