CrabDiving – Wed 052815 – Scott Walker Ultrasound Love & Limbaugh Looks To Benghazi

Wednesday’s Crabs brings laughter and rage as they address the many tid-bits of RWNJ lunacy.  The Scott Walker ultrasound love fest is in full-effect.  Rand Paul blames his fellow Republicans for ISIS.  Jim Bob Duggar scores a #fail as a parent.  California passed a bill to protect women from charlatans.  Limbaugh looks to Benghazi and the dessert platter. Arkansas gives women 0.0 in terms of reproductive rights.  Bill Kristol accuses the RNC of canoodling.  Texas oil tycoon sounds like Yosemite Sam.
Scott Walker ultrasound

Today’s CrabDiving episode for you ear holes’ enjoyment!

Scott Walker Ultrasound Love. Limbaugh Looks To Benghazi.

The Hollywood Hick – Fri 052215 – Janice Dickinson Sues Cosby, Duggar Hypocrites

This episode of The Hollywood Hick finds Brent Parris firing away at all things Hollywood and showbiz.  Holy hell, MotherTruckers, the Duggars are 19 kinds of hypocritical!  It makes a Hick giddy and appalled all at the same time!  Janice Dickinson sues Cosby and is not having it.  A couple stories courtesy of Florida and back home in good ole North Carolina, so I can just not be talking about a Duggar for a hot second.

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Janice Dickinson Sues Cosby

Here’s this hi-larious episode of The Hollywood Hick to listen or download!

Fri 052215:  Janice Dickinson Sues Cosby. Duggar Hypocrites.

CrabDiving – Tue 052615 – Pregnant Hands & Brainwashed FOX Watchers

On Tuesday, Pat and Ryan muse over the following gems of RWNJ jerk-off-i-tude: Who knew chicken strangling could lead to unintended pregnant hands?  GOP clown car passenger, Ben Carson actually won something. Jim Bob Duggar wanted pervs that commit incest to be put to death unless it’s in the family.  Was BB King poisoned?  Marco Rubio gets lost in homophobia, metaphors and Tom Clancy references.  Faux News is making Murica even more dumber.  Roy Moore is a simpleton that thinks the Constitution is a person.

pregnant hands in the afterlife

Listen to this episode, it’s one of our best political podcasts!

Pregnant Hands & Brainwashed FOX Watchers

CrabDiving – Mon 052515 – Poor Sheriff Joe Arpaio & Duggar Is A GOP Darling

On Memorial Day, Pat and Ryan offer a couple of “crabby claws up” for our men and women in uniform.  Meanwhile, they hope the hawks in Washington don’t lie them into another war.  The Crabs also cover these stories:  Poor Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a crybaby.  The GOP continues to show support for the Duggar-Diddler.  Creationist cretin reasons that if evolution is for realz, then the Duggar monster was in the right when he sexually assaulted his little sisters.  Jim Bakker suggests buying a crap-load of his dehydrated food since a beheading from ISIS is imminent.  Pastor Boyd Holder buggers in the church van.  Then he cruises gay dating sites and still finds time to embezzle tons of cash from his flock.  A fart analyzer is featured on the CrabDiving tech segment.  Paris forces green spaces upon rooftops.  Finally, the Governor of Texas does something that surprises no one.
Poor Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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Poor Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Duggar Is A GOP Darling.