CrabDiving – Fri 052617 – Christian Thugs Advocate Violence & Violent GOP Goon Gianforte Wins

violent christian thugs

On Faithless Friday, we share how Christian thugs advocate violence on RWNJ media and the Crabs weren’t shocked in the least. The U.S. tested a new missile defense system. The highly ineffective ex-Speaker of the House, John Boehner offered criticisms…


CrabDiving – Thu 052517 – Montana GOP Thug Gianforte & PEEOTUS Roasts NATO

violent gop thug gianforte

Montana GOP thug Gianforte was poo-poo’d on this episode of the CrabDiving political podcast. Shitler condemned the leaks regarding the Manchester terrorist attack. Andrea Mitchell said it was quite painful to watch Czar Cheeto Fingers roast our NATO allies. The…