CrabDiving Fri – 112114 – Kirk Cameron Plays Gay, Nanny Cams Get Russian Distribution, Poland Poo Poos Pooh

Friday’s CrabDiving includes the following: the dullard Duggars engage in homophobic fear mongering; nanny cams and baby monitors find distribution from a bunch of Russian hackers; hand dryers are horrific; moronic mouth-breather Kirk Cameron busts out the acting skills for an unsympathetic portrayal of a Friend of Dorothy; City in Poland poo-poos Pooh and his pant less a-sexuality. Finally, a big Crabby salute to the Commander in Chief for granting amnesty to our foreign born buds.

kirk cameron tree of sin

CrabDiving – Thu 112014 – Powder Puff In Black-Face, Nevada Elects Racist Loony, Beck Cries Media Rape

On this episode of the Crabs, Pat and Ryan feature a lesson on rape by Cosby-sympathizer, Glenn Beck. They also cover these stories: Missouri high school students bust out the black face in a failed attempt at not being racist; kids walk out of class in protest over a racist tweet by a dullard administrator; a Kentucky fire chief only comes to the rescue of white, English speaking citizens; Nevada elects certified bigoted loony as their house speaker. Lastly, the Swedes bid an overdue farewell to “Black Pete.”

missouri hs oops