CrabDiving – Tue 012715 – RIP Snow Penis, Duggar Dick Moves, Gohmert’s GOP Gals

On Tuesday, the Crabs cover the following: the giant snow penis of Texas Tech has fallen #sadface; a cop and a fireman squeeze off rounds from their stupid AK-47 and accidentally hit someone’s house but it’s cool #crimingwhilewhite; Fox “News” ain’t Jesus-y enough from some RWNJs; Indiana Tea Party people want NPR axed cuz JESUS; the Duggars deliver dick-moves as well future dicks; Louie Gohmert blames the GOP females for torpedoing an anti-abortion law. Finally, Pat and Ryan get their Scientology on and shed some Thetans.

cnn blizzard coverage blizzardmobile

The CannaLinguists – E011 – Sports Performance on Marijuana; Mother Fights For Medical Cannabis

Get your 420 on as The CannaLinguists (April O’Connor & Alex Mandelberg) again welcome comedian Teddy Tutson to the cloudy studio.  They discuss sports and weed, a mother in Pittsburgh who wants to give medical cannabis to her daughter; and more marijuana-related news.

The CannaLinguists marijuana podcast - CrabDiving Network

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CrabDiving – Mon 012615 – Palin Babble, Starnes Sniper Stiffy, Silly Scientology

On Monday, Pat and Ryan dispense with these tales from RWNJ-Ville USA; Sarah Palin says lots of words for 35 minutes without the shackles of coherency; Obama’s approval is raising the roof; Floridian attempts to go bare-beaver and crashes; say goodnight Skymall; Todd Starnes gets an American Sniper stiffy; and Glenn Beck to embark on a Euro-trip before ISIS trashes Notre Dame and everything else worth seeing. Finally, the Crabs get their Thetan on as they learn about a religion founded by a kidnapping wife-beater.

Scientology is creepy

The Hollywood Hick – Fri 012315 – Telenovelas, A Taxi-Taking Thief & A Little Makers Mark

This episode, the Hollywood Hick had to watch four hours of a telenovela… and y’all get to hear about it. His Spanish ain’t never been good. He kinda, sorta apologizes at Madonna (sorry Madonna… I was on my period), and rails at the hateful Colorado Christian suing because a baker wouldn’t make an anti-gay cake. Brent shares a (surprisingly non-Florida) story that makes him feel better about himself about a woman who left her baby in a taxi as she robbed a convenience store, and he regales us with more Makers Mark-assisted musings.