The Hollywood Hick – Tue 082316 – Lochte Shenanigans & Lohan Russian TV Demands


On this episode of The Hollywood Hick, recorded right near Hollywood and Vine, the most famous intersection in the world, Brent covers the latest in entertainment headlines!  Ryan Lochte shenanigans in South America regarding a supposed armed robbery, the trashing of a…


CrabDiving – Thu 102016 – Final Debate Recap & Alex Jones Demonizes Hillary’s Scent

final debate

Pat and Ryan busted out their final debate recap on this episode of the CrabDiving podcast. Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi slammed GOP leadership for allowing Trump to be their nominee. Captain Foamy, a.k.a. Senator Rubio, dismissed claims that elections in Florida…


CrabDiving – Wed 101916 – Trump Ailes Split & Alex Jones Gets His 911 Truth On

trump ailes split

The Trump Ailes split is discussed and dissected on this episode of the CrabDiving Internet Radio Podcast. Daughter of the orange a-hole face, Ivanka Trump wants to see “mulatto cock” like yesterday, according to the political grapevine. The Donald invited…