CrabDiving – Tue 121614 – Elizabeth Warren Demonic, Kathie Lee Cosby Kiss, Scientology Kids Strange

On Tuesday, the Crabs cover these stories: Elizabeth Warren is Satan according to the fair and balanced news; Sony hackers totally sux; Kathie Lee Gifford kissed but not raped by Cosby; Kansas preacher performs gay marriage ceremony and receives lethal jeers instead of cheers; Satanists are more organized and far more efficient than believers. Finally, we decide that Willow and Jaden Smith, like most other home-skilled kids must be kinda strange.

willow jaden


John Stossel Says “So What” To Global Warming

On a recent FOX “News” segment – you know, one of their typical meetings of the mindless – uberninny John Stossel moron-splained the whole global warming thing to the mouthbreathing viewership:

“Every year, fewer people die from the weather because of fossil fuels. They are able to protect themselves. Big difference between ‘climate change is going to kill us,’ and ‘climate changes.’  . . .  In the short term, lives are being saved if the planet warms. There is some good evidence man contributes to global warming. But I say, so what? We can deal with that. It’s not a catastrophe. And cold is far worse for hurting people than warmth.”

How do these science-denying toadies for Big Energy sleep at night?

On big piles of corporate dollars.

John Stossel global warming good

CrabDiving – Mon 121514 – Condom Up, I’ll Ride With You, RWNJ Marries Horse

Monday’s CrabDiving includes the following stories: porn stars ordered to “condom up” in Hollywood; Aussies combat Islamophobia with #illridewithyou; Spelman College suspends the professorship of America’s funniest serial rapist; Leonardo DiCaprio is collecting all women despite a horrendous underbeard; RWNJ marries Trigger to make a ridic point; guess which state bought an ass-load of guns on Black Friday… #Florida.

anti gay pastor and horse