CrabDiving – Fri 072117 – Sean Spicer Resigns & Scaramucci All But Blows His New Boss

sean spicer resigns

Sean Spicer resigns and the Crabs cover the whole shebang on Faithless Friday. Johnny-come-lately Trump sycophant Anthony Scaramucci was tapped as Spicey’s replacement. The legal eagles that serve Shitler explored ways in which Czar Cheeto Teats could pardon himself. Progressive…


CrabDiving – Thu 072017 – Trump Dissed Sessions & Christian Rainbow Butthurt

trump dissed session

Trump dissed Sessions and surely southern racist Gollum felt pangs of butthurt. The Crabs reviewed the OJ Simpson parole hearing, as well as the Juice’s illegal self-yanking in his prison cell. Mueller ignored Shitler’s warning about expanding the Russian probe.…


CrabDiving – Tue 071817 – Trumpcare Fails Again & McConnell Is A Dick

trumpcare fails again

Trumpcare fails again, and Shitler dumbly classified the GOP’s healthcare loss as impressive. Many governors declared themselves not down for Republican healthcare repeal. The U.S. said Iran was meeting the terms of their nuclear deal. The Crabs learned this GOP…