The Daily Upper Decker – E011 Wed 012115 – The Toothless Tiger, Greg Anthony Hooker Fun, The Dirty Shrimp

The D.U.D. guys talk about Russell Wilson blaming God for his interceptions in the NFC championship game, Tiger Woods’ missing tooth, Greg Anthony’s trouble with hookers, and a special fact or fudge dedicated to Super Bowl food dishes.

dirty shrimp

CrabDiving – Fri 012315 – Mickey Got Measles, White Genocide Ain’t Real, S.P.U.K. No Spew

The Crabs pinch off the following stories: anti-vaccination numbskulls are bringing measles to Mickey; white supremacists are flinging freezer bags full of rocks, tootsie rolls, and hate newsletters at homes in an attempt to recruit fellow bigots; according to a dullard GOP legislator, homosexuality is worse than terrorism #Jesus; billboards in the simpleton state of Alabama warn of a “white genocide”; an incredibly unenlightened Oklahoman politician wants to strip pensions from state employees over gay marriage. Finally, Pat and Ryan stand up for those who cannot, at least whilst draining the main vein.

spuk german toilet anti-standing-while-peeing device