CrabDiving – Fri 011918 – GOP Government Shutdown Looms & Nunes Sucks

mcconnell disses trump

As the GOP government shutdown looms, The Crabs cover Schumer’s fruitless last-minute meeting with Trump. Lindsey Graham has the vapors over the extremist turdslinging of Stephen Miller and Tom Cotton. Cotton fired back with snarky some Twitter shade.  Despite triggering…


CrabDiving – Thu 011818 – NRA Russia Connection & Worldwide Trust In The U.S. Plummets

The NRA Russia connection was examined on this episode of the CrabDiving progressive political podcast. The United States scored very low on a world confidence poll. A couple of evil christ-o-loon parents were busted for beating, torturing and starving 13…


CrabDiving – Wed 011718 – GOP Worried About Mid-Terms & Zinke Destroying The Interior

As the evil GOP worried over another state legislature loss, GOP dick-bot Paul Ryan warned fellow Republican loons to start listening to the voters, whatever. Conserv-a-jerks said they were nervous they’d take blame for government shutdown. National Parks advisers left…


The Daily Upper Decker – Tue 011618 – NFL Playoffs & Gronk Says Don’t Eat Laundry Detergent

Adam Feuerberg and Tommy Gimler survived their new year festivities and are sitting in a booth at the Speakeasy in Santa Monica talking NFL playoffs, Saints safety Marcus Williams throwing the game, Nick Foles’ massive dong, Rob Gronkowski having to…


CrabDiving – Tue 011618 – Trump Medical Exam & Bannon Subpoenaed

Trump Warrior Male

The Crabs reviewed the stellar results of the Trump medical exam. Portly Cheeto Teats’ Doc took responsibility for Trump’s previous slurring by overly drying up all the presidential “secretions”. The Mueller team subpoenaed meth Nazi Bannon on the same day…