CrabDiving – Thu 121814 – Limbaugh Cries Benghazi on Sony Caving to Hackers, Obama Laughs at Bachmann

This time the Crabs listen to Rush Limbaugh go full “Benghazi” on the Sony hack story. They also joke and rage about these topics:  President Obama rightfully laughs in Michele Bachmann’s face when she tells him to bomb Iran; the newly-ex-Rep. Bachmann also says she outsmarted the left during her term; Sony execs think Angelina jolie is a pain; plus the usual funny news and right wing nut jobbery.

Rush Limbaugh oxycontin eating - crabdiving

The Hollywood Hick – Tue 121614 – Lena Dunham Lies, Cosby’s Wife Denies, Mama June Sex Tape

On this episode of the Hick, Brent breaks the news that Mama June and Sugar Bear got offered a sex tape deal. He also covers these stories: Cosby has another accuser and Camille Cosby absurdly denies it all; there’s a Marky Mothertruckin’ Mark Wahlberg update; Lena Dunham, a self entitled bitch who lied about who raped her in her book, has boobies that look like “melting ice cream.”


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CrabDiving – Wed 121714 – We Heart Cuba, Sony Terrorists Win, Pat Robertson Says Ted Cruz Is Nuts

The Hollywood Hick, Brent Parris sits in for Ryan, joining Pat in CrabDiving Studios to rage and laugh.  Topics: Obama opens talks with Cuba; Sony pulls the premiere of “The Interview”; even Pat Robertson thinks Ted Cruz is nuts. Plus, we get a double-dumb dose of Bryan Fischer who says Jesus would be cool with torture and that the gay agenda is the biggest threat to freedom, like ever.

Pat Robertson thinks Ted Cruz is nuts