CrabDiving – Wed 032515 – Glenn Beck Zombie Notes, Furious 7 Resurrects Paul Walker, Takei Boycotts Indiana

On this episode of the Crabs, Pat and Ryan get their idiot translators on as they review the blatherings of RWNJ Phil Robertson and Glenn Beck. They also cover these stories: Mira Sorvino and Cybill Shepherd star in some sad-sack Jesus fellating version of “Crash”; Furious 7 uses the power of Peter Jackson to digitally resurrect Paul Walker; not every Japanese person wants to smell like a Whopper but every person that smells like a Whopper is Japanese; Sulu steering clear of Indiana and urges others to do the same; a Texas GOP Congressman chided online for theocratic nonsense; Mone Davis is an evolved pitcher and human; Iceland builds a temple in honor of a comic book hero. Finally, Jeb Bush just ain’t Jesus-y enough.

George Takei boycott Indiana if anti-gay law passes

CrabDiving – Tue 032415 – Ted Cruz Bu-Bye To Rock After 9-11, Phil Robertson Torture Porn, Satan Got Megyn Kelly

Pat and Ryan rage over these tales of RWNJ lunacy; Ted Cruz stopped liking classic rock after 911; Rick Scott’s Disaster Chief minion will not let the words “climate change” spill from his stupid moron lips; Kirk Cameron’s movie is no longer the shittiest; Jeb Bush engaged in typical Bush league shenanigans; simpleton sky god fellator and conservative internet radio darling Bryan Fischer reckons Megyn Kelly was deceived by Satan; duck killer Phil Robertson shares a little torture porn over a prayer breakfast; and finally, we get a murder caused by O.J. that involved nary a knife or gloves.

Bryan Fischer thinks Satan Got Megyn Kelly

The Hollywood Hick – Fri 032015 – Jinx Cray Cray, Boy Band Blind Gossip, Micheal Phelps Is More Than A Swimmer

Fuck Disneyland! That Jinx program on HBO is straight up cra-cra. John stamos can do no wrong. Blind boy-band gossip that is some good shit. Finally, swimming might not be the only sport Michael phelps is into.

michael phelps dominatrix peed

The CannaLinguists – E016 – Canada & Marijuana, Washington State Is Dealing Now, California Legalization

On this episode, April and Alex puff-puff-pass to comedian Cruz Kim and discuss the following topics: Canada’s relationship with the good herb; Washington State opens its first state weed shop; California is looking forward to total ganja #legalization, and much more!

Space need weed


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