The Hollywood Hick – Fri 061616 – Orlando Nightclub Shooting & Methuselah McCain

orlando nightclub shooting

Sorry, but it ain’t a rainbow sparkly episode of The Hollywood Hick this time, y’all. The Hick has no idea how to react and reconcile the horrors of what happened with that horrible Orlando nightclub shooting. But the answer certainly isn’t more guns! Also,…


CrabDiving – Fri 082616 – Paul LePage Voicemail & Turd Of Evil Bryan Fischer

Paul LePage fail

The Paul LePage voicemail might be the funniest audio, excluding anything from the late Rob Ford, ever played on the CrabDiving Radio Podcast. Speaking of the Governor of Maine he stupidly suggests most drug dealers are black or Hispanic. White nationalists…


CrabDiving – Thu 082516 – Trump Softening On Immigration & O’Donnell/Beck Bromance

trump softening

The Trump softening on immigration will lead to performance anxiety for Donald’s already crappy campaign. Hillary Clinton lashed out against Trump, accusing the orange a-hole face of spreading hate. There was an assassination attempt on Angela Merkel. With Foxbot Sean Hannity…


CrabDiving – Tue 082316 – Trump Slump & Todd Starnes Sentimentally Racist

trump slump 538 chart 082316

The Trump slump is in full effect and The Crabs are loving every minute of it! The sad, mucho corrupt orange a-hole face is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton Foundation. “Immediately, immediately, immediately.” The Donald shamelessly…