CrabDiving – Mon 062716 – Supreme Court Abortion Decision & Heinous Pat Robertson

Supreme Court Abortion Decision

The Supreme Court abortion decision is celebrated on this episode of the CrabDiving Podcast. German leader Angela Merkel wants to c-block other E.U. countries from Brexitin’ stage left. SCOTUS ain’t got time to mess with a prenatal test patent dispute. Ex-Governor “Ultra-sound”…


The Daily Upper Decker – Thu 062316 – Lebron Is A Prick & Minor League Sex Moves

LeBron and Chris playing violin and singing.

On this installment of The Daily Upper Decker, comedians Brady Matthews and Adam Feuerberg join Tommy Gimler.  The gang discusses King James LeBron turning into a prick and winning the final three games of the NBA Finals. They share their loathing of ESPN…