CrabDiving – Fri 120916 – Gohmert Barbecue Injustice & Snaketivity Bites Ass Of Jesus Twunts

gohmert barbecue injustice

The Gohmert barbecue injustice predicament turned out to be one of the most spectacularly idiotic stories ever covered on CrabDiving. POTUS requested a report about Russia’s hacking exploits into the 2016 Presidential Election. Legislators from both sides, Dick Durbin and Lindsey…


CrabDiving – Thu 120816 – Alex Jones Fake News & Progressive Pirate Party Of Iceland

alex jones fake news slinger

This Alex Jones fake news crap permeates ‘Murica and The Crabs covered the stupidity on today’s CrabDiving. Shitler tapped czar of Carl’s Jr., Andy Puzder to be the labor secretary, even though he seemingly prefers robots to human workers. Former Senator…


CrabDiving – Wed 120716 – Weather Channel Breitbart Smack & Glenn Beck Says Palin Has Brain Aneurysm

weather channel breitbart smack

The Weather Channel Breitbart smackdown is covered on this episode of this installment of CrabDiving. The orange a-hole face tapped a climate change skeptic to lead the Environment Protection Agency. Well-dressed conservative blowhard broadcaster Glenn Beck proliferated misinformation while blaming the…


CrabDiving – Tue 120616 – Trump Boeing Tweet & Adult Swim Finally Axed White Supremacist Show

trump tweet boeing

The Trump Boeing tweet is hilariously dissected on this episode of the CrabDiving Podcast. A spokesman for Shitler claimed the President-Elect has sold all his stocks. We learned the Pentagon buried evidence of $125 billion in wasteful spending. German leader…