The Hollywood Hick – Tue 022415 – Oscars Wrap Up; Christina Aguilera Does Britney

This Hollywood Hick episode: Still… the soap opera that has become the Bobbi Kristina tragedy. The Hollywood Hick actually watched part of the Oscars and got a few things to say, like: NPH… not that great; Why no love for comedy?; That guy ain’t gay?!?!?!?; Joan Rivers SNUBBED!!!; Who is Zendaya?; John Travolta the Ladies Man (coughI’MAHOMOcough); Where my Guardians at? And then a woman from Florida you will wanna hug and slap at same time, followed by the greatest thing EVER to come from the Tonight Show.


CrabDiving – Fri 022715 – GOP DHS Tantrum; Russia Political Killing; Bang a Lobbyist in NC!

On this Friday CrabDiving, comedian Brent Parris, host of The Hollywood Hick podcast on our CrabDiving Network, sits in with Pat while Ryan is out of the studio.  They tackle the following right-wing nutjobbery: Bill O’Reilly might have less detractors if he wasn’t such a dick; North Carolina decides it is ok for genitals to be thrown at politicians because there is “no monetary value”; Uncle Nipples (Putin) will “personally oversee” the investigation into the killing of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov; our useless Congress fights to fund Homeland Security; Rep. Aaron Schock and his Downton Abbey office; Rick Perry goes full Greek Drama in his CPAC speech; and more.

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CrabDiving – Thu 022615 – Inhofe Snowball, Judge-y Duggar, Net Neutrality

CrabDiving celebrates Net Neutrality with a rousing “eff-you!” to Comcast, AT&T, and all the other evil telecom behemoths. Ryan and Pat then tackle the following stories from Right Wing Nutjob Land: anti-science dullard Sen. James Inhofe again proves global warming a myth, because he could make a snowball in DC; North Carolina thinks it’s cool for politicians to bang lobbyists because “there’s no monetary value”; Glenn Beck rages at “useful idiots” who support Net Neutrality; our orange Speaker defends the upcoming Netanyahu speech; a person famous only for being one of a couple dozen to scramble out of the same vagina (Jessa Duggar) doesn’t give one Christian crap that the rest of us will burn for eternity; and lots more commie pinko liberal laughs!

Inhofe tosses snowball to disprove climate change