CrabDiving – Fri 111717 – Conservative Hypocrisy & Hate-Filled Christian Zealots

conservative hypocrisy

Evil Trump mouthpiece Sarah Huckabee Sanders quite offensively and inaccurately compared Senator Al Franken’s sexual assault allegations to that of Shitler’s. A Navy pilot admitted involvement in an obscene sky-penis-drawing spotted in Washington state. A vile Indiana GOP Councilman was…


CrabDiving – Thu 111617 – Evil House Tax Bill Passed & Al Franken Accused

evil gop tax bill passed

The evil house tax bill passed and once again, the Crabs marveled at the heartlessness and grossness of the not-so-grand-ole-party. The chief Trump administration economic advisor, Gary Cohn didn’t get the feedback he expected from CEOs regarding Shitler’s crap tax…


CrabDiving – Wed 111517 – GOP Fake Uranium Scandal & More Moore Accusers

The Crabs reviewed the ridiculous GOP fake uranium scandal on this episode. Our legislative bodies announced plans to reform internal procedures for reporting sexual harassment allegations. Racist elf-Gollum Jeff Sessions explained to low functioning loons in the House, namely Jim Jordan,…