CrabDiving – Fri 021618 – Mueller Russian Trolls Indictments & Loathsome Laura Ingraham

News of the Mueller Russian trolls indictments broke right before this episode of the CrabDiving podcast. Tinfoil hat model and loony hate-caster Alex Jones stupidly declared that globalists ordered the Florida school shooting due to the release of the FISA memo.…


CrabDiving – Thu 021518 – America Wants Gun Control & Alabama Racists Try To Secede

America wants gun control and the heartless, bottoms-for-the-NRA Republicans don’t give a crap. The Crabs learned about the possible motives of the Florida school shooter. A white supremacist gun goon said the mass shooter was part of his dickhead militia.…


CrabDiving – Wed 021418 – Yet Another School Shooting (Thanks, NRA and GOP)

yet another school shooting

Yet another school shooting and “thoughts and prayers” from the ineffective, impotent gun worshiping GOP rang empty AF. Adult actress Stormy Daniels said she was going to share details of her fling with NRA bottom Cheeto Teats. NRA sucking Shitler…


CrabDiving – Tue 021318 – Intelligence Officials Warn About Russia & Obama’s Spermy Portrait

senate intelligence hearing 021318

The intelligence officials warn about Russia and the treasonous, racist, misogynistic Trump administration gives not a single amoeba crap. During a hearing, FBI Director Christopher Ray contradicted the White House regarding details of the Rob Porter fiasco. Progressive legislator Angus…