CrabDiving – Fri 101317 – Kim Davis Spreading Hate & Michele Bachmann “Science”

Kim Davis spreading hate and disgusting homophobia in Romania was covered on this Faithless Friday episode of CrabDiving. The Crabs played a match-game between the sexual assaults of Weinstein and PEEOTUS. Shitler proclaimed he would not certify the existing Iran…


CrabDiving – Thu 101217 – Trump Hannity Suckfest & Is It 25th Amendment Time?

Hannity Trump Sucking

Clips from the Trump Hannity suckfest was warm and sloppy on today’s CrabDiving. MSNBC’s Mika speculated Shitler’s Chief of Staff was prepping for a 25th Amendment challenge. PEEOTUS heartlessly warned Puerto Rico that federal assistance would not last forever. Secretary…


The Daily Upper Decker – Thu 101217 – NBA Season Preview & Bleached Starfish Award!

On this episode of the Daily Upper Decker on the CrabDiving Network, NBA guru Barry Murphy and numbers guy Justin Gilbert join Tommy in studio to talk basketball and dollars. Will the Minnesota Timberwolves win the “bleached asshole” award for…