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The Hollywood Hick – Fri 012315 – Telenovelas, A Taxi-Taking Thief & A Little Makers Mark


This episode, the Hollywood Hick had to watch four hours of a telenovela… and y’all get to hear about it. His Spanish ain’t never been good. He kinda, sorta apologizes at Madonna (sorry Madonna… I was on my period), and rails at the hateful Colorado…


The Daily Upper Decker – E011 Wed 012115 – The Toothless Tiger, Greg Anthony Hooker Fun, The Dirty Shrimp

The D.U.D. guys talk about Russell Wilson blaming God for his interceptions in the NFC championship game, Tiger Woods’ missing tooth, Greg Anthony’s trouble with hookers, and a special fact or fudge dedicated to Super Bowl food dishes. Podcast (daily-upper-decker): Play…


The CannaLinguists – E010 – Cannabinoids, THCa, Medical Marijuana

nice weed nugget

On this show, the CannaLinguists discuss Colorado Children’s Hospital marijuana study, THCa, cannabinoids and they interview Dr. Brandie Makeba Cross of The Pot Lab. Podcast (cannalinguists): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSPlease like &…


CrabDiving – Fri 012315 – Mickey Got Measles, White Genocide Ain’t Real, S.P.U.K. No Spew

spuk german toilet anti-standing-while-peeing device

The Crabs pinch off the following stories: anti-vaccination numbskulls are bringing measles to Mickey; white supremacists are flinging freezer bags full of rocks, tootsie rolls, and hate newsletters at homes in an attempt to recruit fellow bigots; according to a…