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The CannaLinguists spark one up as comedian/marijuana expert April O’Connor and comedian Alex Mandelberg share marijuana news, drug policy politics, cannabis herb strain/ product recommendations and more.

The Cannaliniguists – E067 – Lazy Stoned Rats & Yay Industrial Hemp!

lazy stoned rats

Spark up this episode of The Cannalinguists with comedians/marijuana experts April O’Connor and Alex Mandelberg. A questionable study claims that marijuana makes lab rats lazy. But maybe they’re just being efficient? A federal appeals court ruled that it is constitutional to prevent medical weed card holders from buying…


The Cannalinguists – E065 – THC Tainted Water & RNC Ain’t For Legalization

On this episode of The CannaLinguists, comics April O’Connor and Alex Mandelberg discuss the Cannabis Cup and the latest in medical marijuana news. The folks at the Republican National Convention are not behind the legalization of the good herb. The very…