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The best political podcasts out there! Commie pinko atheist liberals, Ryan Pfeiffer and Patrick Viall present their hilarious daily, internet talk radio show, laughing and raging about politics, news, pop culture, religion and more.

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CrabDiving – Fri 030615 – Chris Christie’s Financial Fellatio, White Christians Losing Numero Uno, Han Solo Crashes

This Friday, the Crabs cover the following headlines: Great White, not the band, shows up on the beaches of Panama City, FL; corpulent, whale-ish, bridge-closer Chris Christie makes an appearance at an event hosted by Exxon hours after giving them a…


CrabDiving – Tue 030315 – Netanyahu Nazi Reference, Beastly Bigoted Benhams, Sodomite Suppression Act

Sodomite Supression Act California ballot initiative submission

Laugh along as Ryan and Pat comment on Benjamin Netanyahu, who preached Iranian hellfire and proved Godwin’s Law to the morons of Congress. Then The Crabs charge through the following:  Behnam bigots claim the Cubs cure The Gay; their sire, vile Flip Benham, Christo-terrorizes an…


CrabDiving – Mon 030215 – Bibi Meant No Diss; O’Reilly and FOX Tap Dance; Freedom to Screech?

Bill O'Racist

This Crab-tastic Monday show presents the following stories from the nutty world: BiBi Netanyahu claims no diss meant to Obama; Sharknado 3 casts vile, toothy sea monster, Ann Coulter; even FOX “News” acknowledges Bill O’Reilly’s bullshit; Radio Shack executives screw the…