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CrabDiving – Fri 050815 – Texans Say The Colonel’s Lying About Jade Helm 15, Beck May Take A Billy Club To His Head

Texas Jade Helm 15 meeting

The Crabs cover Jade Helm 15 and a ton of political crap on Friday.  The United Kingdom is getting their RWNJ on.  California’s water is getting fracked up.  Hawaii is like totes green.  Bat-shit cray Texans don’t believe an army colonel just…


CrabDiving – Wed 050615 – Pam Geller Is No Rosa Parks, D&D Dudes Damned, Patriots Cheated!

Pastor Win Worley dungeons and dragons curse

With non-deflated balls, the Crabs issue forth more tales of woe.  The Patriots fucking cheated.  D&D dudes damned to burn in eternal hell, says a biggie-size, squishy flesh pile.  Too bad Bernie Sander’s vocal quality isn’t as appealing as his politics.  Pam Geller compares…


CrabDiving – Tue 050515 – Ablow Wants Vagina Veto Power, Beck Yearns For Velvet Fist, America Really Bad To Moms

keith ablow outnumbered

The Crabs learn that America ranks number fucking 33 out of the world in its treatment of its mothers. Keith Ablow wants vagina veto, man-splaining how he wants a woman’s right to choose.  Mitch McConnell isn’t trying as hard to vaporize Iran.  The ridic…


CrabDiving – Mon 050415 – Pam Geller Breeds Hate, Chuck Norris To the Non-Rescue, Boring Orgy Statue

Mark Chatterly sculpture town called Orgy Statue

The Crabs kick off the week with their usual hilarity and rage.  Conservative ninny Pam Geller breeds hate which begets more hate.  Limbaugh sounds exhausted as well as insane whenever he opens his walrus-like yap.  Racist baller loses his mind and then…