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CrabDiving – Wed 052015 – Breastaurant Tips, O’Reilly Allegedly Choked His Wife, TPP Sucks

twin peaks breastaurant tips

Pat and Ryan share breastaurant tips and learn that gympie gympie (Dendrocnide moroides) should never be used as a T.P. substitute.  Nebraska might stop frying humans.  Bernie Sanders makes a lot of sense despite the stupid comments and questions of Wolf Blitzer.  FOX…


CrabDiving – Mon 051815 – Lindsey Graham Running, Jeb Backs Bigots

Lindsey Graham running for President

On Monday, the Crabs highlight the usual RWNJ lunacy which includes these stories: Lindsey Graham, running for President, makes a slow, graceful entrance into the 2016 Republican clown-car.  Glenn Beck trolls doomsday preppers. Chuck Norris explains how O-bummer litr’ally constructed an apocalypse.  Jeb Bush thinks…