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The best political podcasts out there! Commie pinko atheist liberals, Ryan Pfeiffer and Patrick Viall present their hilarious daily, internet talk radio show, laughing and raging about politics, news, pop culture, religion and more.

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CrabDiving – Tue 060915 – Hannity Shank Warning & Pat Robertson Says A Dead Kid Won’t Become Hitler

The Crabs give the right wing the ole Hannity Shank on this episode and also cover a bunch of stories.  FAUX News plays their favorite game, “blame the victim.”  Megyn Kelly reminds everyone that the innocent, young girl tackled by that a-hole…


CrabDiving – Thu 060415 – Michele Bachmann Christofascism & Pat Robertson Is From Middle Earth

Thursday’s Crabs deliver Michele Bachmann Christofascism on a big gross, cross-shaped platter.  Pat and Ryan also cover Rick Perry dropping some rhymes and his dignity.  Ted Cruz says sorry for being a total dick.  Lincoln Chafee saddles up for a presidential…