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The best political podcasts out there! Commie pinko atheist liberals, Ryan Pfeiffer and Patrick Viall present their hilarious daily, internet talk radio show, laughing and raging about politics, news, pop culture, religion and more.

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CrabDiving – Tue 010615 – Beck Nearly Gobbles Gohmert, Bieber Presents Package, CEOs Slut-Shamed

Tuesday’s CrabDiving delivers the following hot and steaming items: Boehner bests Gohmert and stays as Speaker; Justin Bieber, even for an underwear model, is still kinda stupid; Rush roasts Christie for cuddling up with, and possibly handing a fat cash…


CrabDiving – Tue 123014 – AirAsia Found, Steve Scalise Clueless Of KKK, Jerking Jockey Jailed

Steve Scalise David Duke

On another CrabDiving liquid U “Teeyoosday”, Ryan and Pat attack the following subjects: AirAsia plane found; Steve Scalise didn’t know he was speaking at a David Duke KKK event; 84 year old former Senator Mike Gravel named head of Kush; jerking jockey to be jailed…