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The Daily Upper Decker is where the worlds of stand-up comedy and sports scissor each other like two Russian immigrants looking to make a quick ten bucks. It’s supposed to be entertaining and informative. With zero “sources” in the professional sports world, The Daily Upper Decker will never create news stories. We will report on the sports and teams we are passionate about and on the teams we hate. Also, we will feature many sports betting segments and fantasy sports news for dorks.

The Daily Upper Decker – Wed 071217 – Floyd Mayweather’s Real Opponent & Allstar Game Price Gouging

On this episode of the Daily Upper Decker on the CrabDiving Network, the dudes are covering the slowest dang week in sports, but that doesn’t mean Brady Matthews, Adam Feuerberg and Tommy Gimler have nothing to talk about. Actually, it…


The Daily Upper Decker – Wed 062817 – UFC Fighter Craps Herself & NBA Draft Social Media Oops

The Daily Upper Decker on the CrabDiving Network announces. “We’re back, baby!” After spending the last six weeks in four different countries and Wisconsin, Tommy Gimler is back in LA and joined in studio by comics Adam Feuerberg and Brady…