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The Daily Upper Decker is where the worlds of stand-up comedy and sports scissor each other like two Russian immigrants looking to make a quick ten bucks. It’s supposed to be entertaining and informative. With zero “sources” in the professional sports world, The Daily Upper Decker will never create news stories. We will report on the sports and teams we are passionate about and on the teams we hate. Also, we will feature many sports betting segments and fantasy sports news for dorks.

The Daily Upper Decker – E014 Wed 021115 – Tiger Woods Fail, Syracuse Convenient Sanctions, Chipper Jones Sandy Hook Truther

The Daily Upper Decker guys chat it up about the following: Syracuse’s convenient self-imposed sanctions; Chipper Jones is a Sandy Hook truth-er; if Tiger Woods will ever win another major; the rules for a grown man wearing another grown man’s jersey.…


The Daily Upper Decker – E013 Wed 020415 – Tiger Woods Sex Addiction, Warren Sapp Beating Hookers, Rex Ryan’s Rack

The guys at the D.U.D. talk about Super Bowl reactions, Rex Ryan’s tits, Michael Jordan punching former teammates, Warren Sapp’s arrest for beating two hookers, and a special return of ‘Fact or Fudge’ dedicated to Tiger Woods and his sex addiction. Podcast (daily-upper-decker):…


The Daily Upper Decker – E012 Wed 012815 – Super Bowl 49 Prop Bet Special

It’s a very exclusive Super Bowl preview episode of the Daily Upper Decker Podcast. It’s the Super Bowl 49 prop bet special with their Indian intern, Rakesh. Call your bookies!   Podcast (daily-upper-decker): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts |…


The Daily Upper Decker – E011 Wed 012115 – The Toothless Tiger, Greg Anthony Hooker Fun, The Dirty Shrimp

The D.U.D. guys talk about Russell Wilson blaming God for his interceptions in the NFC championship game, Tiger Woods’ missing tooth, Greg Anthony’s trouble with hookers, and a special fact or fudge dedicated to Super Bowl food dishes. Podcast (daily-upper-decker): Play…


The Daily Upper Decker – E010 Wed 011415 – NFL Playoffs, Brian Williams’ Daughter Gobbled, Craziest Team Names

The guys discuss the NFL and College Football Playoff(s), so the show gets off to a slow start. But 15 minutes in they talk about Brian Williams’ daughter getting her starfish gobbled on HBO and the show turns into a real…


The Daily Upper Decker – E009 Wed 010715 – Gronk Erotica, Athlete Crime Report, Stuart Scott Catchphrases

T Sean reads excerpts from the new “Gronk Erotica” book; the gang breaks down the athlete crime report, including one former NFL linebacker who committed 7 robberies in 3 days; and a special “Fact or Fudge” dedicated to Stuart Scott and…