CrabDiving – Fri 011218 – Trump Is A Racist & Alex Jones Racist Rants

Republicans hid from Trump’s shithole comments as the world expressed horror. Donald lied about why he canceled his London visit, blaming Obama. The press asked PEEOTUS is he was a racist at an MLK event.  Douchebag Doocy of Fox & Friends lamented over the coverage of Cheeto Teats’ shithole comment. A conservative loon lawmaker in Iowa was unfair to a non-godly type about an invocation. RWNJ crackpot Alex Jones said black people were acting like predators, and that Haitians made a deal with the Devil. Jones also warned that Facebook, Google, and Twitter are a greater threat than Hitler. The ACLU is looking into Kentucky school offering students a Bible study elective course. Christo-dink Kevin Swanson said dumb crap about the film The Shape of Water. And lots more!

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