CrabDiving – Fri 090117 – Trump Loves DREAMers & Why Do People Hate Hillary?

Trump loves DREAMers, or so he said, as he prepares to justify launching them out of the country. Pat and Ryan reviewed the latest Hurricane Harvey news. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan suggested the limp, white wangs of Congress should come to the rescue of The Dreamers. Facebook tzar Zuckerberg, along with a myriad of tech bigwigs, also asked Shitler to not end DACA. Larry Womack reported many people hate Hillary simply because she has inside fun parts. Christo twunt Rick Joyner spewed that the media is the “biggest terrorist organization in the world”. Eric Trump was thoroughly lambasted with facts on Twitter after suggesting CNN wouldn’t cover his daddy’s donation to Harvey relief (which, by the by, will surely never happen). Finally, on this Faithless Friday, the Crabs heard from a misguided preacher who didn’t evacuate for Hurricane Harvey cuz Jesus, and then credits his god for sparing him.

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