CrabDiving – Thu 111915 – American Xenophobia Sucks Much Ass

Today we learn that American Xenophobia sucks much ass. The Syrian refugees need our help, WWJD…Bueller? Bueller?  Donald Trump is Hitler, but in a bad way, yet is rising in the polls. RWNJ a-holes wanna shot down mosques. Mayor David Bowers of Roanoke wants to bring back the ole Japanese internment camp system to handle refugees fleeing murderous ISIS. An oafy redneck gets mouthy and racist at a town hall meeting in Virginia. Pat Robertson Syrian refugee musings are actually quite stupid. The oh-so-stupid Steve King warns of cultural suicide. RWNJ Kevin Swanson thinks the Paris attacks were a message from sky-god. Some Denver moron vandalized a bookstore named after the Egyptian goddess Isis.

american xenophobia sucks

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American Xenophobia Sucks Much Ass

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