CrabDiving – Tue 112117 – Trump Supports Moore the Molester & FCC To Kill Net Neutrality

Trump supports Moore the Molester, and lent his tacit support to the Republican Senate. Moore’s Democratic opponent Doug Jones launched attack ads against diddler Roy utilizing the words of the First Daughter. A former Alabama peace officer admitted she was tasked to keep child abuser Roy Moore away from local high school cheerleaders. A new poll revealed sexual harassment is not a faux paus in today’s rancid, rapey GOP. Uber concealed cyberattacks that exposed personal info of 57 million users. Cheeto Teats moved to kill neutrality and sold out to big telecom. The Crabs played some classic RWNJ hate-caster Alex Jones clips where the corpulent loons melts down about net neutrality and invokes Hitler. The orange-a-hole-face pardoned a turkey and also found time to take a cheap shot at Obama. Homophobic troll Flip Benham stupidly suggested in an interview “family values” conservative abuser of children Roy Moore was trolling for teens because all the women of age were married. Jesus-twink Rick Wiles daftly declared the recent “Come Back Barack” sketch on Saturday Night Live was meant to prep the left for revolution.

Trump Supports Moore the Molester

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