KVoice, A Voice of Resistance – Fri 120817

This is your Resistance podcast. In this episode, the Right stole the Supreme Court which is now trying to strip minorities of long standing rights, and all anyone can talk about is the damn tweets! When the LGBTQ community is under attack, what do we do? Stand up fight back! Hair Fuhrer Trump is going to eat himself into a early grave, allegedly. California is on fire and the cruel Republican tax bill aims at kicking those who lost their homes while they are down, spitting on them, then rolling them over and drawing crude pictures on their foreheads. Al Franken, Roy Moore, Trent Franks and Blake Farenthold are not all the same and don’t belong in this sentence together. We have a bone to pick with the media. We find out who Kirstjen Nielsen, our shiny new Secretary of Homeland Security, is. We talk DACA, CHIP, and the government shutdown. The Resistance is fighting for Net Neutrality (remember, that vote is on the 14th so call your senator today!) Republicans love guns more than states’ rights. Finally, a list of things that we talk about that are happy: North American Climate Summit, Chicago Climate Charter, kitties, Paris Climate Agreement and Obama. One year in and holding strong the Resistance is only growing. #Resist

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