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CrabDiving – Tue 101717 – McCain Throws Down & Ambassador Gingrich

mccain throws down

McCain throws down and the war hero eloquently took out our Embarrassment-In-Chief.  Yet again, a court blocked Shitler’s crappy, racist travel ban.  Leading Senators finally figured a short term fix for Obamacare. Trump minion and big-pharma-sucker Tom Marino withdrew himself…


CrabDiving – Fri 101317 – Kim Davis Spreading Hate & Michele Bachmann “Science”

Kim Davis spreading hate and disgusting homophobia in Romania was covered on this Faithless Friday episode of CrabDiving. The Crabs played a match-game between the sexual assaults of Weinstein and PEEOTUS. Shitler proclaimed he would not certify the existing Iran…


CrabDiving – Fri 091517 – Trump London Tube Bombing Response & Diaper Load Steve King

The Trump London tube bombing response was swift and typically bizarre. The good progressives of California proclaimed they want to require all future presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns. The Crabs learned evil Shitler henchman met with the King…