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CrabDiving – Wed 062817 – 10 Commandments Monument Destroyed & Tebow Rewarded For Sucking

10 commandments monument destroyed

There was a 10 Commandments monument destroyed in Arkansas & the Crabs thoroughly reported upon the Christian butthurt-i-tude. Time Magazine requested the removal of the faux covers featuring the mug of PEEOTUS. Retiring GOP legislator Jason Chaffetz announced his whoring…


CrabDiving – Fri 062317 – Trump Russia Derangement & Czechs Ain’t Down With Sky God

trump russia derangement

The Trump Russia derangement proved amazing among the idiot mouth-breathing Trump-a-los on this episode of CrabDiving. Senator Dean Heller offered a thumbs down to the capitalistically cruel TrumpCare proposal offered up by Mitch. A totally loony religious right wing group…