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CrabDiving – Mon 022017 – Milo Yiannopoulos CPAC & Alex Jones Sick Of Globalists!

milo yiannopoulos cpac

The Milo Yiannopoulos CPAC divorce was hilariously dissected on this episode of the CrabDiving Podcast. Shitler got his orange self a brand new National Security Adviser. The mincing moderate Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe proclaimed the Trump regime lost, evidenced by…


CrabDiving – Fri 020317 – Kellyanne Conway Twitter Tirade & Bakker Says Protesters Possessed

Kellyanne Conway twitter tirade

The Kellyanne Conway Twitter tirade was covered on this Faithless Friday episode of CrabDiving. European Union countries joined forces and administered a figurative hot carl all over Shitler. The origin of Black Bloc and their involvement with the violence at…


CrabDiving – Fri 012717 – Pence Anti-Choice Rally & Texas Governor Received Tampons In The Mail

Pence Anti-Choice Rally

The Pence anti-choice rally sent douche-chills down the spines of both hosts of the CrabDiving Podcast on Faithless Friday. Speaking of the anti-choice, march, VPOTUS reminded the anti-abortion protesters that “life is winning.” It was learned the GOP is stressed about…