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CrabDiving – Wed 020718 – Record Pelosi Speech On DACA & Trump’s Parade

Pelosi Speech On DACA

GOP White House Staff Secretary and alleged wife-beater Rob Porter resigned, despite the lamentations of Chief of Staff General Kelly. Progressives confronted General Kelly’s racist and insensitive remark regarding Dreamers. Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi issued a demand on immigration, putting…


CrabDiving – Thu 051415 – Knockers No More On A Picasso, Jon Stewart & Keith Olbermann Drop Mics, Nestle CEO Sucks

FOX blurs Picasso breasts

Pat and Ryan cover the following stories on today’s show:  Nestle CEO sucks, wants to bottle more water and watch the human race slowly die of thirst.  Somebody get Catalina Island a drink #literally.  Jeb Bush tries even harder to have…