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CrabDiving – Mon 071816 – 2016 GOP Convention Stars & KKK Grand Poobah Endorses Trump

2016 GOP Convention stars

The 2016 GOP Convention stars might not include boxer and convicted rapist Mike Tyson but they do however feature an Italian ex-model, an aging evil ex-teen-heart-throb, and a lesser Duck dick. Stephen Colbert brilliantly crashes the R.N.C. The Never-Trump movement…


CrabDiving – Fri 070116 – Endless Trump Scandals & Kevin Sorbo Is A Dick

trump scandals

Endless Trump scandals make for a wondrous episode of the CrabDiving Podcast on Faithless Friday. The Donald enjoys listening in on private phone conversations at The Mar-a-Lago Club, creepy. The orange a-hole-lipped loon also bought a Tim Tebow jersey and helmet with money…