The Hollywood Hick – Fri 010617 – Mariah Carey New Year’s Eve… HAHAHAHA!

AHHHHHH hahahaha MotherTruckers! Mariah done went and looked a straight up fool on NYE… I said before and I’ll say it again… she ain’t got in no more… over Mothertruckin rated… but who’s fault is it really (lookin at you Mariah…)
Girl also needs to reconsider this so called manager of hers cause I don’t think she doin bitch any favors.
Her ex, Tommy Mottola, however, is the only one makin any sense… Mmmkay!
Guess who got his little itty bitty Twitter fingers in a tizzy? Couldn’t be our prez-elect Punkin Head could it?
Please please please MotherTruckers let this fight between Soulja Boy and Fist Brown go down… A Hick might be team Soulja on this one…
Exciting news MotherTruckers… Margot Robbie is gonna play Tonya Harding in a movie… my homo gene just went on tilt!
And a quick feel better story to bright you bitch ass day…

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