The Hollywood Hick – Sat 011417 – President Pumpkinhead Prefers Pee?

Aaaaahahahahaha MotherTruckers… Punkin head, the fool who is fixin to be pres-a-mothertruckin-dent, done went and got caught up in a Russian hooker pee-pee scandal… and the simple fact it is plausible brings a Hick a level of joy only surpassed by Miss Dolly Parton.
And please for the love of Dolly let Larry Flynt get the proof he is seekin…
Listen here MotherTruckers… do not, I repeat, do not, watch this half ass inauguration fixin to go down… plus the level of performers couldn’t couldn’t be more low rent if they had to be.
Please please please let this happen… Fist Brown and Soulja Boy still planning on fighting it out… and now Mike Tyson’s lispin’ ass in in the mix… hell yes!
Get your ticket to heaven MotherTruckers… they’re going fast…
If you still workin the ho stroll at 70, that is what you call commitment.
And you best be all kinda glad you don’t live in the murderingest place in the history of ever… cause you will be murderated…

president pumpkinhead

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