Weather Ninja – Weatherman Jim Cantore Knees College Kid in Groin

Weatherman – now “Weather Ninja” – Jim Cantore fended off a brutal collegiate asswipe attack on the air.

weatherman Jim Cantore knees college kid in groin - crabdiving

The intrepid meteorologist was callously sent out by his Weather Channel corporate overlords to do a live remote from brutal, frigid Charleston, South Carolina.

The weather was really bad, too.

Cantore barely blinked an eye as some likely-drunken yahoo on the College of Charleston campus gave an idiot yell and rushed him, mid report.  The weatherman performed an instant, effortless, ballet-like knee bend, and thus the whooping fool was thwarted.

With all the heavy news thudding down around us every minute of the day, it’s always nice to see a great kick in the nuts to start the morning right.

Thanks to Jim Cantore, Weather Ninja.

The video:

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