CrabDiving – Fri 010518 – More “Fire and Fury” Excerpts & Giuliani for SCOTUS?

Strap in for The GOP Senate “Intelligence” Committee said they wanted to investigate super-spy Chris Steele. Michael Wolff, the dude that wrote the Trump White House tell-all book, claimed he loves the RWNJ criticism. The author of “Fire and Fury” also said the entire White House staff proclaimed Shitler unfit to be POTUS. We learned Don the Con thought about ditching Gorsuch for Rudy Giuliani,  and also thought Jared would be a great Secretary of State. A new app company is going to fact check the State of the Union live. A Roy Moore accuser had her house burnt down by an arsonist. Pat Robertson said God wouldn’t let Kim Jong Un start a nuclear war.  Christo-load Kevin Swanson said the recent California wildfires were caused by gay sex. Finally, the Crabs played the most amazing clip of crackpot Alex Jones caterwauling about CNN journalist, Brian Stelter.

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