CrabDiving – Mon 010818 – Obsequious Factotum Stephen Miller & President Oprah

Our so-called-president said he’d deport 200,000 Salvadorians. Oprah delivered an inspiring speech at The Golden Globes. In response to Oprah’s Golden Globes message, lunatic conspiracy theorist Alex Jones went full-racist on Winfrey, saying she would be responsible for the enslavement of African Americans. An idiot, bigoted GOP legislator said black people can’t handle weed due to their genetics. Fox News loon Laura Ingraham retweeted a Neo-Nazi. A Christian college in Texas discouraged students from working at a local Hooters. The Governor Of Connecticut tapped a nominee for the state SCOTUS, who could be the state’s first openly gay judge. A homophobic radio talk show host said we need to “re-horrify” people about the sin of gayness. Finally, gollum Trump troll Stephen Miller was brilliantly skewered by CNN host Jake Tapper.
loathsome stephen miller

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