CrabDiving – Fri 071417 – Another Russian Drip & When Burmese Pythons Get Pissed

Yet another Russian drip was the epicenter of rage on today’s episode of CrabDiving. Pat and Ryan learned a Russian-American who was accused of orchestrating a cyberattack against a Russian mining company was in on the infamous meeting with Donald Jr.  Foxbot loon Steve Doocy proclaimed the Russian scandal was turning into a nothing-burger.  Sith Lord and Chase Bank Czar Jamie Dimon obscenely bemoaned the existence of corporate taxes and banking regulations.  Trump crony and Un-Education Secretary Betsy DeVos perpetuated the attack upon rape survivors by legitimizing a men’s’ rights activist moron. In a extraordinarily nightmarish “When Animals Get Pissed” segment, a California man, in a complete literal sense, while in the bathroom, found himself gripping an angry snake in, the LAPD busted a dude illegally hoarding gators and snakes, including some cobras and the Crabs learned all about the python crisis in Florida. Speaking of the Sunshine State, a monstrous Florida youth pastor was busted with crap-tons child porn.  The Kentucky town home to Ken Ham’s failing, idiotic Ark Encounter slapped the amusement-less park with safety fees.  Monotone Christo-twink Gordon Klingenschmitt dumbly reminded his mouth-breathing listeners sky-god could heals all sicknesses.  An appeals court came down on the side of good regarding exclusionary invocations at town meetings.
another russian drip

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