CrabDiving – Fri 110317 – Armed Wisconsin Toddlers & Growing “Ex-vangelicals”

Check out this raucous Faithless Friday edition of CrabDiving where we learned monstrous Harvey Weinstein may be arrested by the NYPD. A judge didn’t sentence Bergdahl to jail time, much to the creepy chagrin of Shitler. A leak showed hackers doctored those Podesta emails. PEEOTUS received figurative warm oral from a conserv-a-loon and then bitched and moaned about how he no access to an evil hit squad. Legislators in Wisconsin have made it legal for toddlers to carry with their bah-bahs. Transphobic dickbag owners of a Texas eatery denoted their restrooms with pics of Caitlyn Jenner and Bruce Jenner. Evangelicals have fallen out of love with Cheeto Teats. Kraken sack of puke Pat Robertson vomited forth horrendous musings about dead kids and atheism. A GOP load called for the boycott of Disney due to a gay storyline in a show.

armed Wisconsin toddlers

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